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Negative Feedback for spelling error?

i got negative feedback from the buyer because of spelling error and i am a designer not English teacher or translator to give me bad feedback because of that. he give me bad paper not clear and you can see it from here

and although i create every thing according the requirements want. he give me bad feedback

how to remove this negative feedback? and how can i avoid this types of buyers ? they want things free and give bad feedback after that. i create for him 10 pages with just $20.

how this things acceptable ?

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Buyers are allowed to leave whatever review they feel best reflects their experience with you and the service you provide. You cannot change their review.

how can i avoid this types of buyers , they don’t give me briefly information although i add this on my requirements , not clear paper and pressure on me for more works after deliver the order to them.

check the buyer profile
before placing order
and get all the information you need before order

so this is good for both of you


Want to avoid cheap buyers, don’t have cheap prices.

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You could raise your prices. Cheap, troublesome buyers usually hate higher prices.

Make sure you have thoroughly thought-out order questions for them to answer. Also, set your order deadline to give you plenty of time to communicate with the buyers if they don’t provide the kind of information you need. It is your responsibility to make sure you have enough information.

You will have to learn how to say no, and let your no be know. If the buyer did not order something, they are not entitled to what they demand. If you’ve fulfilled all of the revisions you offer, then make sure they know that additional work requires and additional cost.

There will always be bad buyers, but you need to learn how to stand up for your work, and not let those buyers walk all over you. You are in charge. Honor the terms in your service, and don’t give away free work just because a bad buyer demands it.


thanks for help, i will increase my prices to avoid those bad buyers.

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