Negative feedback removal


I received a negative feedback from a buyer who clearly did not read the description of my gig. Is there a way to remove the feedback? I have no problem with returning the money to the buyer and cancel my service, since it’s a gig about promoting.


You have 2 solutions.

Either contact the buyer and make an offer he or she cannot resist, that makes them change the feedback. Aka bribing.

Or contact customer support and describe that the buyer didn’t read the gig description and ordered it blindly, making you not responsible for the result.


Hi I got one too the other day it just makes me laugh . My gig is for placing Ads to 5500 classified sites been using the system for 4 years now.

So here is what I do put peoples Ads on the system I don’t write the Ads i don’t know if there website even converts at all I just post there ads so now if they dont make a sale or there ad suks. I get bad feed back . You got to love fiverrs system and just laugh

Have a great day