Negative feedback resolvement issue


I received negative feedback from a customer to which I overdelivered. He didn’t contact me that he was dissatisfied or anything and gave me a negative feedback that caused my gig to be unfindable on Fiverr…

The gig:

Of course I don’t condone someone giving feedback, but there should be a conversation between buyer and seller.

Fiverr support recommended sending a message, which I did. He did not take the time to respond.

Why isn’t it possible to first resolve misunderstandings/problems before a negative feedback can be cast out? In the present situation one buyer can sabotage your gig…

Anyways, not to be cranky and a neg;)

Happy holidays and a prosperous 2013!



Hey Thomas, I agree with you 100%, but there is already a way for this. A buyer can always reject your work with an explanation why. I have had 2 rejections (which I resolved and ended up with positive feedback) and I have also rejected other seller’s work.

When a buyer rejects a seller’s delivery, the seller does have a limited window of time to resolved the buyer’s issue and re-deliver. In the case with my 2 buyers who rejected my work, I simply delivered to what they wanted and they both accepted the delivery and gave me a glowing positive feedback.

In your case, because it already happened once, you can always tell the buyer to let you know if there is a problem with your delivery instead of giving you negative feedback.

I hope this helps,



After you’ve sent the message to the buyer and given him a chance to respond, just message Fiverr back and let them know what happened. This happened to me once, a guy left unjustifiable negative feedback, so I contacted Fiverr and they said to try to contact him, which I did (but he had left Fiverr it seems), then I contacted Fiverr again and after hearing the story they removed the bad feedback.

Fiverr customer service handle these problems well in my experience… if you have a genuine case where the bad feedback was not justified (it happens) they will work it out with you.


Reply to @yankee77: When customer support removed my bad review, I also lost the profit on the sale which upset me, because the buyer got a free service from me. I know the removal of the bad review outweighs the loss of the sale, but the principle of it for me is that he never should have gotten away with a freebie from me, so there are still flaws in this approach.