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Negative Feedback ! why?


how can I remove this negative feedback? some days ago someone ordered my gig and asked me to make him a logo… I give 2-3 concepts (mentioned in my gig) … I give him 4 concepts according to the specifications he provided but he didn’t like anyone… then I asked him to give me some more details but he didn’t respond. so finally I gave him one more concept as a final delivery… then later he message me with a design and asked me to design like this… I asked for fonts but he didn’t know… so I didn’t do this and He gave me a negative feedback yesterday… what is this man? this is totally unfair… if he want me to work every day for him until he satisfy for just 5$ it is unfair… help!!!


I did but they didn’t respond… I contacted them yesterday


design work is very subjective hence easiest to attract negative feedback.

you could have designed a logo that looks perfect in the eyes of 99% but not this buyer.

my suggestion for you is to create gigs that involves lesser design work and even if you do, you need to indicate very clearly in your gig description what is the most you can do, what you cannot do etc.


Reply to @bachas85: I even saved that statement where Fiverr says buyers cant reject a work based on personal taste so that I can use it when I have issues with buyers. The purpose they have samples is for them to see,listen and feel the work of the seller.


i know how it feels, till now i had maximum friendly clients, but some of them did not gave proper information about what they want and even without asking for a modification they would give negative review

it will not affect them but will affect the seller, like they are demanding moon for a 5