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Negative feedback


What you have do in this situation ?

Please help me.

  1. Buyer make Order. at 17:55 FEBRUARY 15, 2015
  2. I have start it.
  3. Buyer ask for youtube logo below picture.
  4. I have start it with logo for free.
  5. Buyer ask for cancel but i have start the work at 21:55 FEBRUARY 15, 2015 4 hour late.
  6. I have not accept it because i have start work.
  7. Buyer said : Ok. Go ahead. - Ok, go ahead!.
  8. I have finished the video in HD from picture text and logo.
  9. Buyer ask for something extra (i not offered in my gig).
  10. I have do it.
  11. Buyer ask for cancel again.
  12. Buyer leve negative feedback : " Terrible experience! The seller won’t let you cancel your order and won’t refund you. I tried to cancel my order 10mins after I placed it and he wouldn’t let me. I’m still trying to get my refund back through fiverr customer support."

    I have contact Customer Support for this.

    Customer Support : Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to remove the feedback as it does not violate our Terms of Services. It appears that the buyer even asked to cancel the order before you delivered and you did not but continue to ask them for the information to cancel. I would recommend try working things our with your buyer.


    XXXXX - Fiverr Customer Support


I’m sorry but I am going to be really honest here and say that I think that in this case CS is right. I usually back sellers because I think they get roughed up a lot. In this case, your communications don’t look very professional at all and the buyer seemed really open to either working with you (at first) or just cancelling and saving everyone trouble. I would have been thrilled to cancel in that situation but when I want to, my buyers usually resist.

I can’t imagine why you didn’t just cancel early on or how you wouldn’t know from all the orders you completed to get to TRS how to deal with a situation like this. You have a lot more orders under your belt than I do. I know that probably sounds harsh and I’m truly sorry but it’s realistic from my point of view. The buyer seems to have picked up that the match with you wasn’t a good one in this case and tried to end it peacefully. You repeatedly spoke to the buyer with a term of endearment instead of with a professional title. You appear to have run late as well and I can’t tell why from your post or your screenshots but that seemed like a problem itself. I’m not sure about the late thing but you wrote 4 hours late in your post. Anyway, I don’t know if there is much you can do unless the buyer agrees to change it. Good luck.


Reply to @fonthaunt: maybe my communications is not very professional but my work is very professional.

“I’m not sure about the late thing but you wrote 4 hours late in your post.” We have a deal for this work before Order in conversation.

Buyer ask for cancel after 4 hours.


Reply to @videosketch: Ok, I see what you mean on the 4 hours. I believe your videos are good overall, you certainly have the reviews and orders to prove it. Maybe it was a communication issue with the buyer, but I know when I run into big trouble with a buyer I go with a mutual cancel. I think a lot of newer sellers do. I just don’t know if you’re going to be able to get any help from CS since you didn’t want to cancel. I do wish you luck, though. I just threw in my thoughts on it.


Reply to @fonthaunt: I have work 5-6 hours with this project and i can’t cancel $45.

I have work and Extra for free.

However thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


Reply to @videosketch: I understand, I’ve lots hours of work over that sort of thing too. I don’t have enough orders to absorb a bad feedback so I don’t really get much choice. You are welcome for the comments, I wish I had better for you!


Reply to @fonthaunt: i’m happy to cancel this Order if buyer not like my work but no for nothing.


Reply to @videosketch: Ok


Reply to @ardicus: lol


Reply to @fonthaunt:

I just wanted to troll you both and to leave a comment.


On a serious note @videosketch this does definitely stink to have happen to you. have you closed conversations with the buyer completely or can this be resolved? I mean is he at least willing to change it to 3 or 4 star for you completing the work or offer of extra work to make the difference?


Reply to @ardicus:

No this is not possible because that guy did his work professional and he deliver what buyer asked. The problem is buyer want the work for free so he will not change his rating because it was not about service quality.

There are too many buyers like this one these days…


Reply to @ardicus: I have offered whatever they want without cancellation.

I can change the video or new video with one of my gigs.

I can’t cancel the Order because i can’t work for free.


Gotcha. Yeah I have dealt with some of those buyers before myself. It scary tbh and I don’t like it one bit. Luckily he was at least willing to get his monies worth and have me redo work.

But this case yeah it sucks when someone just don’t care about peoples ratings and want free work. You work is amazing from I can see as well, and this shouldnt hamper you too much I would assume.


Trust & Safety - Policies & Violations - Order Cancellations

What are valid reasons to cancel my order?

In most cases, Customer Support will advise buyers to further communicate with their sellers with specific comments and pointers on how the seller can help the buyer resolve their issues. However, there are clear indications where cancelling the order is required. Indications that an order may be cancelled by Customer Support may include the following (but not limited to):

Active Orders (after the buyer submits their requirements and before the seller delivers on Fiverr)

A seller is late and unresponsive.

A buyer or seller is abusive towards the other party through threats of low ratings or leveraging order materials (such as logins, personal information) against each other.

A buyer or seller uses copyright/trademark infringing materials.

A buyer or seller is no longer an active Fiverr user due to Terms of Service violations.

Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)

A seller delivers none of the requested files (that meet the sellers requirements) or proof of a completed service.

A seller delivers nothing at all (just a message with no attachment).

A seller is withholding the final delivery of services for improved ratings.

A buyer who abuses the Request Modifications button for personal taste.

A buyer who threatens to leave a low review to gain more services.

Completed Orders (after the order is marked as complete and before the 13 day limitation)

A buyer or seller used copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification.

A buyer who did not purchase commercial use rights (must be clearly labeled before the purchase and can not be retroactively included).

A seller who did not deliver the requested files or services, and the buyer did not request modifications in time.

Each case is reviewed carefully by our Customer Support team in order to assess the most appropriate action. Additionally, we can cancel orders that were made by mistake but will always check if the order is tied to an ongoing service to protect our sellers.

Is this valid reasons to cancel this Order before 4 hours ?

"Hi there, I decided to cancel the order. Thank you "


Fiverr Customer Support have remove the feedback - Thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: =D>


When a buyer asks for a cancellation, grant it. I know it’s frustrating, but you saw what happens when you keep money that you were never supposed to earn.

What you can do is message your buyer, tell him that if he removes that negative review, you’ll refund his order, tell him to message you once he does it so you know. Then refund his order. If you don’t do it, he can use your message against you when contacting customer service.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Amen. Although I’m pretty certain that if the buyer agrees to the cancellation, the bad review goes away anyway.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: It’s not worth nightmares even if it’s a well paying job. I’ve seen people paste conversations where the buyer was clearly abusive and CS still wouldn’t remove the feedback. It’s very conditional on which rep you get, how well you can get the situation across, and what phase the moon is in. If I wanted to work under crazy stressful conditions and put in overtime at someone’s whim I’d go back to my last corporate job or put up with customers at a fast food place. One pays well and one pays crap and they both suck. :smiley: I freelance to have it a little better. To each their own, I guess, but I’m with you on this one @fastcopywriter.


well, i am very sorry for your loss because getting an order is not easy and i understand why you couldnt cancel