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Negative feedback


one of my buyer send negative feedback to me and I’m send mutual cancel request to him, but this buyer not respond my request… my problem is how to remove feedback after this order cancel automatically…or it removed be automatically without buyer respond


Unfortunately if he doesn’t respond, you will most likely not be able to have the feedback removed. How long has it been since he messaged you?


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I would a refund for both of these cause one with diamondoleg has full fill his thing that all I got was a bunch of garbage that did not make sense that it really not worth arguing and the lavondaljt has not responded back that I dont know what happen. I would like a refund not sure to who go through to get that. Thank You

By diamondoleg

I order two gig and one I was not happy with and the other has send nothing or responded to me I would like a refund for both of these gigs.

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