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Negative fiverr balance?! What is this?!

I am a fiverr seller for the last 4 years and today, when I woke up and opened my computer, I witnessed something very very strange on my fiverr’s home page. Before my balance number on the top right corner, there was a minus symbol (there still is). At first, I din’t give too much attention, thinking it is some kind of bug. But now I am worried. What could it mean? Have anyone had a similar experience?

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I guess some of your buyer filed paypal charge back so fiverr refunded that amount from your account.


Hello to be honest i have never heard of that, maybe you should contact help center. I hope it is nothing to worried about. Good luck.

Maria S.

Hi there! Please check your deposits from the earnings page for yesterday/today. I’m having an issue with every one of my completed orders being REVERSED and refunded. I’m missing almost $200 from deposits between yesterday and today. I’m currently talking to CS but am extremely alarmed. Contact CS immediately.

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I just checked. I don’t have such an issue you describe. Just my balance is negative.

This has happened to me before. The total was a negative number, but I did not have a negative balance. It was chalked up to a random Fiverr glitch and fixed itself in a day or two. Simplybright’s problem seems different. That is quite scary!

Have you got solution yet !?