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Negative rated because of bug

Hi , 30.04.2014 i was take vatication 3days so i complited all orders before vatication, but somehow 2 hours after i take vatication one user order my gig ? Offcourse i didnt see it so i “late” and hi give me NEGATIVE REVIEW … I got some sreenshoots if that could help .

now im removed from Recommended :frowning: and my sales are down for 80% !

I contact support but w8ing answer almost 3 days…

screenshoot: As you can see on screenshoot i recive e-mail that im on vatication before i get order…

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After 3 days I would reach out on the twitter @fiverrsupport. Be sure to have your ticket number handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot my problem is resolved 1h after i contact fiverrsupport on twitter :slight_smile:

Just one order whilst on vacation mode? I had over 200 :frowning: Luckily customer support have removed every late delivery feedback thus far.