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Negative rating and unclear instructions

I got an order for writing a review of a product on amazon. However, I was unable to post the review on the site as my account had not been used for any purchases from amazon, and thus I could not post a review. I sent a message back to the buyer with the problem. And again I got another link to write a review on. I encountered the same problem, so I informed the buyer. But then he simply cancelled the order and gave me a negative rating, resulting in a 3% decrement in my overall rating. What he did was unfair and now he is not even responding to edit the rating. What should I do?

I’ve had a similar problem where the issue wasn’t my fault and the buyer gave me a negative rating. I would suggest giving feedback on the negative rating stating the problem and why it was cancelled. 3% shouldn’t harm your ratings, although it is annoying to see among all the 5-star ratings!

You should ensure your future buyers know why you received a negative rating which is why replying to the negative rating is the best way - left ignored it may not put a lot of trust in your future buyers.

Hope this helps!