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Negative rating for a cancelled gig

Recently one of my buyers cancelled his ordered gig. But still he gave me a negative rating although the money was refunded to him. The reason for cancelling was that i was a bit late for the delivery. The only reason that i was late was my laptop got broken so i had no computer to complete my work. Since I am new to fiverr this single negative review has reduced my overall rating to 93%. So now I cant even send a request to buyers. So i am in a lot of trouble. Can anyone help me out please.

It is unfortunate, but the best I think you can do is to explain this to the buyer and ask if he can reverse this rating based on your circumstances. Other than that, I would reply back to his comment stating your side of the story.

If he won’t reverse it, then all you can do is wait for another buy to come along, do good work for them, and get a good rating. It might take some time, but it can happen. I had a pretty bad cancellation rate for a while, but eventually work trickled back in and I got it back up there.



Relax. You are not “in a lot of trouble.” That’s quite an over statement.

It does not matter why you were late. Stuff happens and will happen. It’s not the end of the world. Ask the Buyer to remove it, or just get over it and move on. There will be plenty more Buyers and plenty more chances to redeem yourself. Don’t let one slip up get in the way. BTW, I don’t see any negative reviews. ???

I don’t think it such a big issue but I can understand why it concerns you. If you are in the really early stages of your fiverr adventures and have not gained many feedbacks maybe starting fresh is not a bad idea. If your gigs are unique its really not that bad but if there are plenty of other gigs it may be more harmful.

What ever you choose I wish you all the best!

Relax, and take a deep breath. That has happened to me, and there is a fool-proof solution.

Because you delivered late, the buyer had an option to cancel and feedback was left automatically. Your buyer did not intentionally leave bad feedback.

Want to have it removed? Do whatever the buyer had ordered, and send the buyer the completed work. Explain to the buyer that you are sorry you were late, and that you completed the work anyway. Kindly ask the buyer to give permission for the feedback to be removed. It was an honest mistake, and I guarantee that as long as what you delivered is good, the buyer will appreciate that you went out of your way to still deliver for free and they will give permission for the feedback to be removed. You can then message customer support and if you got permission from the buyer, they will happily remove it without a problem.

It has worked for me 100% of the time the few times I haven’t delivered in time.

So… Go deliver/message the buyer ASAP! Good luck!

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hi,

Yep, I contacted fiverr and luckily they understood my story, so they offered to remove it. Problem solved! Thanks for your kindness…