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Negative Rating for minor mistakes

Hi everyone!

I am new on Fiverr, please help me.

My gig is about translation. I delivered an order and got very poor rating (2.3 stars). The buyer said that there are double spaces in my work and sometimes no spaces. Although I did those errors, I cannot completely agree with him and feel very disappointed because of the following:

  • the mistakes are about editing, not translation
  • I got the order ready in 1 day instead of 3 (as it was said initially)
  • he gave me 4 stars for communication. I wrote him 2 times: when I started the order , smth like “everything is clear, I start the translation” and when delivered “thank you for the order. please let me know if there are any remarks” . i believe these are normal and polite, but he didn’t respond to neither of my messages and gave 4 stars for communication.
  • I was ready to redo the task but he didn’t let me.

Please tell me if I can do anything to justify myself or he (the buyer) is completely right?
I am so upset, I had only 5star rating before that, and now… :((((

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I think the best thing you can do with a bad review is publicly respond in a way that makes you appear competent and reasonable. Perhaps apologise, and say you’ll be mindful of your performance in future. Maybe offer to work on any potential problems until the buyer is happy.

Attempting to have this review changed or deleted is a fool’s errand, I’m afraid. You’re not allowed to talk to your buyer about it, and customer support won’t invalidate it because it states the person’s honest opinion.

I guess it would have been nice if the buyer asked for a revision and gave you a chance to fix your mistakes. Unfortunately, some buyers just don’t do that. They either don’t have the people skills, or they are in too much of a rush to get their project completed.


That’s impossible. Thanks to the blind review system, you don’t know what rating you got until you rate your buyer. So you don’t know if your buyer gave you 5 stars or 1 stars, that’s why a lot of us are rating “Thank you for your order” unless the buyer was very rude, and told you he was going to give you a low rating.

This happens to all of us. It doesn’t matter how nice you were, how hard you worked, how soon you deliver. Some buyers will give you a low rating for not asking questions, even when you don’t have questions! Others think the work you gave them wasn’t good enough. Even if you go the extra mile, if you translate 2,000 words for the price of 1,000 words, this doesn’t guarantee a good review or a tip.


Hi Yana, I’m sorry this happened to you.

I’m not sure, but my vinyl antennas tell me that this buyer is a reseller, representing himself as a translator in front of his own buyer. Any typos, editing errors, etc. he’ll have to fix them or explain to his buyer.

I agree with @ahmwritingco when he says that your buyer most likely doesn’t have the skills.

Please, follow @ahmwritingco’s advice in not attempting to change that review, doing so will get you in a lot of trouble.


I’ve edited my post a little since then. I should really do that before I hit send. I’ll be mindful of that in future. :slight_smile:


Hey @fastcopywriter
You actually can respond to your buyer in public. At least for me on mobile devices, I rate the buyer, and then after I see the buyer’s review and I can respond publicly. The rating number you give will still be the same, but on your profile picture, the star rating you give buyers is not visible anyways…


Thanks. It was the response on the seller’s page I was referring to. I didn’t word my post very well, though. I made it sound as though Yanabiletskaya knew exactly what the buyer was thinking before she left her initial review. That obviously wasn’t the case. :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right. I got confused when I responded to @ahmwritingco, my apologies.

I do like responding reviews in public, it’s a good opportunity to defend yourself, but one has to be careful since what you write will stay there forever, or until you delete that gig.

The trick is to be professional without insulting, without getting angry.


You may not want to hear this but I actually think it is reasonable for a buyer to expect that you would check for those kinds of errors. Even just using Word’s spellcheck would get rid of double-spaces and highlight almost everywhere there is no space (as the words together would not be a word in most cases). In addition, your gig says that proofreading is included and those errors should definitely be spotted if you specifically proofread the text.

You do offer an extremely low price for the languages you translate - could you perhaps put your prices up a little and take some more time to proofread separately. If not, I would suggest that you take proofreading off the gig as it seems to be misleading from what you say here.


You can’t do anything to “justify yourself” even if the buyer’s reasons were bogus, which they aren’t. You can’t change reviews or seek to influence existing reviews.

Being about editing and not translation doesn’t mean it shouldnt influence a rating to this degree. If it makes extra work for your client, that means they have to take time and energy from other things to fix it.

Sometimes you’ll disagree with your rating. That’s the nature of the beast. Keep working on your business and focus on getting great reviews in the future. It accomplishes nothing to feel this buyer you treated you unfairly because there is nothing you can do about it.


You will get buyers like this unfortunately - you need to get used to it. Not everyone will be satisfied.
My best advice would be to respond publicly about what had happened - if you message the person asking to change the review, etc. it would be considered a violation of Fiverr ToS.