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Negative review applied


i have only one negative review which have blocked my fiver account what i should to resolve my issue i cant sent an offer to provide my best services…


Create a new account and don’t f up anymore


if your account is blocked, you need to contact customer support to find out why.

One negative review shouldn’t get you banned, something pretty ugly must have went down and you got reported.


if he got banned, he needs to ask for written permission before he starts a new one.


:smiley: really, a written permission?
@muhammadkamrani do that then :wink:


yeap. he needs to ask CS why he got banned and depending on what went down, they may keep banning him, since his IP got blacklisted.


you should contact fiverr customer support and ask the reason why they blocks your account.thanks


OP hasn’t his account blocked or banned. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s still there, but with only one review which was one star, he’s blocked from responding to Buyer Requests I think?

Not much you can do I’m afraid OP.


Oh thank you for helping clarify.

In that case: tough cookies, and @uxreview was right.