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Negative review by cancelling

I dont know if this happened to any of you yet: someone buys a gig for something bigger than a single gig (in my case, only a gig for proofreading / translating a whole book). As they do not order more gigs or do anything, the order is late and then they cancel with a negative review. Excuse me?? it was them who did not place the correct order! is that right? I cannot even reach them anymore because when the order is cancelled the chat window closes. X( X( And how can they even know if my service is good or bad if they never tried it?

What do you guys do in such situations??

The negative review is left automatically when the buyer cancels after deadline. They don’t choose to leave it per-se.

If they ordered the wrong thing, why did you let the order run late? I always cancel those orders Asap so that this type of thing doesn’t happen.

Ok now I understand!

They did not order the wrong thing Sarah, only just 1 gig for translating or proofreading a whole book. And when I asked them to add gigs to their orders, they would keep saying “I am new to Fiverr, I do not know how this works etc” (even when I sent the proper link where they could order). And since the deadline for proofreading just 1 gig is very short (24 hours), before you know the delivery is late.

Yep, lesson learned… thank you guys!