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Negative review by mistake?

I’m very upsat, some of my clients put a negative review after he completed the order and he send me a message that evetything is good and he liked what I’ve created to him, anyways after that he gives me a negative review, I contacted him back and I said why did you leave that feedback?? he said that he gave me a good one and that one is not his feedback and there is a mistake (he was liying) and he wanted to remove that negative feedback, so I’ve cotacted the support and told them what happened exactly and the buyer agreed to romove it, they respond and said that they can’t do that because it’s against the roles?
I’m very sad and I feel like this is unfair. I want to know if anyone of you had this problem before.
(I’m sorry for my bad English I’m not a native speaker )


Have you read fiverr TOS ?.

Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service.

You can not ask a buyer to change or leave review … It is against of fiverr TOS . You are lucky that you haven’t got any warning yet . You have already did some mistakes and you should get a warning for that …

If buyer mistakenly place review ,it can not be changed.Some time we have to face this type of situation . You should forget this and move on .


Thank you for helping me understanding the situation, I’m feeling very upsat about what happened, I know this role, but the buyer send me a message that everything is good after that he write a review and he said that he didn’t like it, that’s why I’ve contacted him back

One review will not affect much on your account but one warning can suspend your account . .You have completed many orders and hope will get more orders and recover it . .So you should forget that and move on .

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I do not think of giving a bad review by mistake, people read well they ask 3 questions:
Communication With Seller
Service as Described
Buy Again or Recommend
to be able to give the punctuation to each of them. So if he gave you a negative, it was because he wanted to do it.
I got a commentary negative by accident (but I did not believe him)

I know that this wasn’t a mistake

Avoid doing this. This is a ToS violation.