Negative review even after good work , Is there any option available to seller?


Hi ,

I want to know if a buyer has given negative review even after the good work ( I know someone will ask that why anyone gives negative review even after good work , then the answer is that buyer may be your competitor and want to spoil your profile just by losing $5 or $10 ) . So are there any options that are available to seller ? Does the fiverr has any kind of protecting policy for sellers too?



Is this a hypothetical question? You don’t appear to have any negatives on your profile at all - your feedbacks are excellent! :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s Why i m asking this because i have faced a buyer last time with this kind of nature but i know , how i have handled him and did a lot of extra work and a lot of revision almost 15 times to get him satisfied . Even the the first work i had done was excellent but he was satisfied with it . So i m asking it in advance that in future there may be any situation which i will not be able to handle and buyer gives me negative review so what options will be available to me as a seller? ( Please remember that in this situation the work done is completely Aliright and accurate so no suggestion to try to make the task more good )



Got you! On every order page, there’s a link to the resolution centre - you can find out more about it here:

Are you offering unlimited revisions? 15 modifications seems like an awful lot! Set a fixed number of revisons, and keep to it, otherwise you could be working on an order for months!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I need to confirm about the situation after the negative review has been given even after the good work so are there any options available to seller so this review can be removed in any way?


You can ask the buyer, through the resolution centre to improve the feedback they’ve left. :slight_smile:


If the buyer don’t improve it and don’t even listen then? Can the fiverr remove the feedback after checking the work i have delivered?


They’re not too keen on doing this now I believe. Anyway, what makes you think you’re going to get a negative? Look on the bright side - your feedbacks are great! :slight_smile:


You are right and i will not get any negative feedback because i know the quality of work i provide but you know what there are many types of buyers . Some are really without their heads and its really difficult to handle them even after providing excellent work so i just confirming it in advance so that i may know what options i have if have to face such type of buyer :slight_smile:


Buyers are able to leave whatever review THEY feel is appropriate to the service that they received. Sellers are not guaranteed all 5-star reviews. Some buyers will love your work, but leave 3-4 star reviews. There is nothing wrong with this. Expecting review perfection, when that isn’t up to you, isn’t a good policy to take. It might even get you into trouble, and damage your reputation.

You will eventually receive lower reviews. You just have to move on, and not dwell upon them. If you have enough positive reviews, they will off-set one or two low or negative reviews.


You are exactly right and i m really thinking like this but what i have in mind now that Fiverr must have some soft corners for sellers also and must design some seller protecting policies so there should be a policy that fiverr check the delivered work and if any buyer wrongly review it negatively then fiverr must have policy to remove it .


No. Absolutely not. It is not Fiverr’s responsiblity to review the work that you deliver, nor is it their place to police the reviews your buyers may choose to leave. Your quality and your buyers reviews are your responsibility to work out between buyer-seller.

Fiverr is not, does not, nor will they ever guarantee that you get the review you want from your buyers. Buyers can leave whatever review they wish, and if you have a concern with that review, you can work it out with your buyer.


So any buyer can blackmail us or threatened us easily just due to this and CS will not help us in any way ?


If a buyer is threatening or blackmailing, send screen shots to CS and let them take care of it.


Why are you jumping to blackmail? A negative review does not mean that a seller is blackmailing you. If, however, there is legitimate blackmail taking place, Fiverr takes that seriously and is likely to assess it.

But I discourage you from contacting Fiverr every time you get a negative review. If you do that, they will probably start to ignor you.


I think you didn’t read my post from start i have mentioned it in brackets that it may be done by your competitor like the intention of ordering is just to post negative review on someone’s specific wall.

But i think that fiverr will help is this regard and have some options available for this and i don’t think so that fiverr will ignore anyone’s mail in any case unless you are totally banned from fiverr.


And I noted that negative or low reviews are rarely ever “blackmail”. Sometimes a low review is just a legitimate low review. Sellers are not guaranteed 5-star reviews on every delivery. :wink:


Yeah so they will do something with this kind of buyer …!!:slight_smile:


Do you have a competitor asking for extra work or threatening to blackmail you?

If you have, then report it to CS. If you haven’t then that’s great, it’ll probably never happen, and all will carry on being good. :slight_smile:

I still think there’s more to your question than a hypothetical ‘what if?’ - it would make it much easier if you tell us the whole story, if there is one?


Yeah this has happened to me

Have a look Force cancellation due to buyer's fault?