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Negative review from buyer

i don’t know what to do.
If a buyer has given an order fill up the requirement, but you did not get the buyer to talk about the product even the delivery date has expired and You delivered the work right before the delivery date. Suddenly the buyer came to you, take the work but have given negative reviews without any modification. Although you have 3 or 4 time revision with the offer for this project. If you want to dispute the order after the review had been given through customer support. But it also decreases your ranking.

Does fewer have any solution (maybe it is, I don’t know and I would love to know ) for this problem.
( Actually something like happened to me)

I Will Design Flat Minimalist Logo

Well.if they didn’t like the work, they don’t have to ask for revision. Maybe they don’t want to spend the time changing it and are deciding to cut their losses. Did you inform them that if they wanted revisions you would give it to them? Just do great on your next orders and don’t focus too much on it. Explain in your feedback that you would have offered revisions but they didn’t ask for any.


It’s best to give more revisions so buyer get satisfied and at the end these things happen.

If the buyer already give bad rating, don’t ever try to offer revision to exchange good review. It violate Fiverr TOS. I know because I already do that mistake. I get warning for that. Hope this can help others not to do same mistake like me.

thanks for your complement and the great news is I have got positive review instead of nagative review by talking with the buyer doing a little more work.:slight_smile:

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that’s the point I want to talk about. I think you will be agree with this that some of them are really don’t know completely how the system works and may be they don’t have need to know that. if they came with a little project for a short time. seriously, I have meet someone like that. I had a good time with him. But after deliverd the work he didn’t give me the review and till now he didn’t login into fiverr.
I want to say that look I am graphic designer, if anybody has to place an order with my logo gig which has two revision and two days for delivery, he just fill the requirement and didn’t came for two days. I delivered the logo with two or three concept and then he came to me take one of them given a negative review. what is this? there are more then 5 type of logo. If I don’t get the opportunity to talk about the logo how could I give them the right one are seeking. It is almost impossible to do 2 or 3 concept of each type. of caurse I would like to dispute the order accepting negetive review. But if I am going to do that it violates fiverr TOS. I think this is not right.

My situation is almost same like you. Was send 4 different work + come out with different concept. Ready to offer free revision, but the buyer simply give bad rating. The nightmare is… he willing to order more from me.

We can offer dispute but can’t offer extra revision after the buyer already give rating. Trust me, If Fiverr know we offer extra work after rating was given, we will be in trouble. I already get the punishment because of that. Hahaha I learn from hard way.

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Make me wondering, how we can use dispute for rating without violate TOS and at same time our buyer happy to change the rating. I was open a topic about it but no one reply.

If you did not have any talk with buyer and you need some information or you were unclear about something rather than delivering you could have extended delivery time.

However, if the requirements he gave and you worked 100% same as what was instructed then you can contact CS about this and show them proof that what he listed you did that. However if you didn’t and even a single things is missing then its your mistake to because you could have extended delivery time and wait.

If buyer would not have come the order would have been canceled and you could have saved yourself from bad review.

yes, I think may be if you have post it into the discussion or fiversite section it will works well

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thanks for sharing this

How long will the negative review say Fiverr ID.

This issue is big problem any kind of seller in freelancer market place. So please sincere in your work.