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Negative review given bt fiverr


How to remove negative review from when the buyer is ready to remove it plz help me


Hi. Have a look at this pinned instruction written by @djgodknows

🛠 Change FEEDBACK REVIEW from Buyer/Customer - ☀ 2017 (Process/Steps/Instructions/How to)

Mod Note: ^ ^ This is an excellent suggestion for when any sellers (including the OP) gets a review from a buyer and hopes to change it. For this particular OP, it is good to read for the future, but will not apply to an automatic negative review that was not written by the buyer, but placed by the Fiverr system.


there are certain conditions on which the Negative review is deleted by fiverr, You must Ready TOS thanks :slight_smile:


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I took a look at your profile and you are right that the negative review was given to you by the Fiverr automated system. That’s not the same as getting a negative from a buyer. You did not deliver on time and actually ran quote a bit late. The buyer was offered a chance to cancel by Fiverr.

The buyer agreed to cancel so they could be refunded and buy the gig from someone who could deliver on time. When that happens, you get an automatic 1 star late review and it cannot normally be removed at all. Your remaining option is to get enough good reviews to bring your overall rating back up. It is critical that you deliver on time, especially when you are new.




so sir there is no more option to remove it can u help me ?


Thanks miiila This review was given by the fiverr So any option to remove it can u help me ?


Thanks dear This review was given by the fiverr So any option to remove it can u help me ?


Click the link I posted, it is explained there what you can do and it has screenshots too, I can’t say it any better than that, if the review was from a buyer, if it was an automated review from fiverr see the note the Moderator made to my post and her own post to you. Good luck.


yes you can contact support And select review removal option but you might me late in making delivery thats why you got negative review right ?





dear how from where I can found the option of review removal I am new on fiverr so plz hel me ?


You don’t appear to be listening to the comments that other forum users have posted:

Reviews cannot be removed. This is Fiverr’s new policy. I know this for a fact, because I was just talking with Customer Support on this very issue, and was told the following by “Marcus”:

“We are not permitted to remove or change any feedback as per our new Feedback Policy.”

This seems like a definitive stance on the issue. There may be extreme cases in which CS might consider removing or changing feedback, but it sounds like they now have the policy of not doing so.

You can ask the buyers to change their reviews (via the resolution section in your order), but Fiverr will not be changing it on their end. And they don’t remove automated system reviews.


Go here

Hope this will help :slight_smile:


No, they won’t. They really, really won’t.


yes i got one FEW WEEKS BEFORE, BUT NOTING HELPED ME :stuck_out_tongue: but he can also try as he is constantly asking for where he can contact to fiverr team


He’s going to get the same results as you, and your advice is to keep running into a brick wall?



yes but let him just try :slight_smile: hope that helps him & make him understanding the fiverr more deeply! Cheers