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Negative review in your gig and Solution

Negative Review:
At the point when purchasers are not happy with the nature of occupation rendered them, they would dependably give a negative review. This thus influence deals and can likewise bring about a slight drop in your Gigs query item.
For as much as you can, simply over convey your gig. Ensure purchasers are 100.1% over-happy with your Gig.


You have no reviews.


100.1%? That’s a remarkably anal metric for overdelivery. Why not try 110%, or even 200%

That and ensure that no matter what the outcome that your hatchet is bigger than theirs. Imagine that you are a gentleman in a shower with other gentleman (smooth jazzy music) and you’re all checking each others wangs out.

You want to be King Wang the Wangiest so you can outwang the real wang.



You haven’t reviews as @catwriter said. I think you haven’t enough experience to explain this topic. :wink:


A new and impatient buyer just gave me a negative review and its affecting my account. How can he delete or modify the review.

I have same problem how could i delete that nagative review.

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