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Negative Review Left - How To Respond

Hi, I’m relatively new to Fiverr but have so far received very positive reviews on all my gigs. One buyer didn’t give me the information I needed to complete the gig, despite my asking twice, and cancelled in the end leaving a negative review. I can’t for the life of me find out how to respond to this. Strangely enough this buyer is actually a seller offering the same gig as he bought from me - weird!
Thanks for anyone’s input :slight_smile:

Competitor. Intention is to bury you so that he’ll get the orders. I have few of them with my own gig. The answer to your question is, do not respond. Instead, if you conscientiously know he has a malicious intent for leaving a negative feedback or you know that you don’t deserve that negative feedback, submit a support request to Fiverr asking them to remove that feedback. And Fiverr will be


Yep, show fiverr CS. Especially your requests for the info. They have the authority to look into it.

It’s even worse than that. When you contact CS point out they PROMISE a POSITIVE REVIEW. You might even get their gig taken down.

Connect - can you send me a private message with the name of the seller, I think I encountered the same person but fortunately, did not agree to do work for them as I clicked on their name and too noticed it was the same type of gig. That was a red flag, so I decided to decline. They did not order so I got lucky. If this is repeat behavior, not only should we report it to CS, maybe they will kick the person perm. Not cool!! Sorry that happened to you.

Good idea to check first the buyer…

Reply to lparziale: Luckily for me I have not run into this problem but I have seen where another seller of a genealogy product purchased from another one also (which I thought was strange) luckily they left good feedback. I myself always check a buyers gigs out if they are offering also I like to see how long a buyer has been on the site. This tells me if they have only been on fiverr for a few minutes or recently joined that most likely they read about my gig somewhere and came to the site to check it out.

Thanks everyone for your responses. CS have now removed the negative feedback - very quick in responding to my ticket. I will definitely be more careful next time :slight_smile:


Good news.

According to me, this is one of the major problem with Fiverr right now. Recently a buyer ordered my gig and gave me the details for the work. I finished the work as advertised. But the buyer threatened me to do extra work for him or else, he’d leave negative feedback. I refused to do it and he left the negative feedback. I contacted the Fiverr support team regarding this but they asked me to get consent from the buyer to remove the feedback. I guess the buyer just deleted his Fiverr account after this incident so it’s unable to get any consent as he won’t even be seeing my messages. Why couldn’t the support team just remove the negative feedback, when it’s crystal clear that the feedback isn’t real?

Malicious people is a problem on Fiverr, specially because you feel screwed and like you cant do anything about it, but in my experience Fiverr has always responded 100% positively, looking into the issue and taking the right action. So kudos to Fiverr support team.

Reply to @amalmurali47: I had this happen once and spoke to Fiverr CS. They said to contact the buyer first so I did. When the buyer refused to respond, I contacted Fiverr CS again, explaining that the buyer was now ignoring me. Fiverr CS did remove it in the end since I was in the right.

Incidentally, I also had a buyer leave negative feedback without meaning to and couldn’t figure out how to remove it. In the end he/she contacted Fiverr CS to have it removed since it was no fault of mine and he/she didn’t actually want to leave it. Fiverr buyers who admit mistakes make me smile :slight_smile:

In the CS’ defence, it is a buyer’s right to leave negative feedback and the first point of call should be the buyer and not CS. If the buyer has left the negative feedback for the wrong reason then Fiverr CS will sort it out.

Hey there,

Here are some tips to deal with negative Feedbacks.

  1. If your gig state something and wouldn’t followed it by YOU correctly, Then don’t go to find help with Fiverr Customer Support. You have to find another way to deal with it like,

    ★ Give some Bonuses to buyer.

    ★ Ask buyer to remove the Feedback for something expensive that you give him for Free.

    ★ Do buyer’s work again from the beginning and deliver.

  2. If you feel your work will not satisfy your buyer, then deliver it with some Bonuses too.

  3. State only what you can do, Not others can do. Post gigs about only areas that you have mastered.



Nice idea. However, your method would invite the buyer to keep leaving negative feedback to get more bonuses. If you say, you will not give bonus on the next order, he/she can always create a new account, buy from you, leave another negative feedback and get the bonus.

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Same thing happened to me it dropped my sales.

Reply to @connect: Great to hear that customer support has resolved the issue :slight_smile:

oldbittygrandma said: Good thread worth bumping and reading!

Nice bump.

I don`t have this problem, all my reviews are positive, but I liked seeing the answers. Now I know what to do if i have the same problem!

Hi there,

What happened to my sales? I almost lost my sellers.

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