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Negative review no reason :(

I got this buyer who wanted a review on a site, he ordered 7 but only wanted one, refused to provide requirements that are clearly mentioned in gig description (example or specification of the type of review he wants) and then told me he didnt have time to provide the requirements and to mark it complete, i marked it complete as i have a lot of customers that ask me to mark it complete and they follow up later, i assumed he may provide the requirements later. i did everything the customer instructed, he was unresponsive and after 1 week he leaves a negative review on my gig. just a thumbs down nothing specifying why he was giving me a negative review, then i tried politely to offer him a cancellation so he could get a refund, and he refused. I left him a negative review as well saying he was unresponsive and refused to provide requirements clearly stated in gig description. this made me so mad does anyone else ever get difficult buyers like this?

The buyer refused cancellation 3 times, then revised their negative review into a very rude review calling me arrogant and that i stole their money. i offered the reviews for free as a compliment, and i offered to give the buyer a refund. now my gig is 95% and my rating is 99% which means basically my business is gone, does anyone have any advice? :frowning: