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My buyer has given me wrong negative review. Is there anyway I can contact fiver or report that review. The buyer placing orders for giving me negative reviews. The reason is I made his order and he asked me to deliver more things and promised me to pay me later. Now he is placing 5$ redundant orders and giving me worst rating with wrong reviews. Help required. I am a new seller and this rating is affecting my status.

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My experience with the help support its not very good ! One admin help me , remove the unfair review and rating … but the buyer come back and write again … when i go again to support to explain that … quess what ? another admin say : dosent meathers , dont remove nothing bla bla
So my advice be carefull before to ask help , can u have luck with one admin who understand and DO something , or u can have one situation when can lose your gig with all rating ! So u go with a little problem , and they give u more !
I know now alot guys will write how much help and how lovely its support … its just my case … i share it …

You only have TWO reviews – one positive and one negative. Complete more orders that are reviewed positively, and your rating will rise.

You can off your account and can create new.

If the negative review was unfair and you can provide proof to Customer Support, they should delete it. But there’s the rub–was it really unfair, or is your ego wounded?

It was a mistake to do jobs for the buyer without being paid, so something was wrong from the beginning.

Just contact the admin and explain about the unfair review (negative). They can help you remove, if its really unfair review

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Hmmm, that is odd…Happened to me once…I ended up deleting that gig altogether as I was also a tad rankled…This early in the game it might be best to do so. I know it bumped my score down a notch but at least the negative rating I got then didn’t show.

When you delete a Gig, yes, the reviews that were written for that Gig also get deleted, BUT, that negative review STILL has impact on your overall average rating. So, if you have 2 ratings, one good and one negative, your overall average is going to be 50%. So, getting rid of the Gig is not necessarily going to help you this early in your career here. You learned a valuable lesson not to believe buyers when they claim they will pay later etc. If someone wants something bad enough, they can wait until they can pay. We sellers here are not offering services on credit.

If this particular buyer keeps ordering from you just to give you negative ratings, you need to keep canceling their order, and do your best to document what is going on with this buyer and contact Customer Service with all your proof that they are harassing you.


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Thank You everyone for your Answers. Very Helpful.

Reply to @bilalkhaliddar: I see that you now have yet another poor review so your rating is affected more seriously. Customer Support may or may not be able to help you. If I have a buyer that seems to be upset or is causing problems, I usually just offer them a refund before they even review the gig.

It’s not worth the money to me to have a very low rating. If I had hundreds of positive reviews already it would have less affect, but until then I go with the refund route. That usually ends it and the buyer doesn’t continue to buy gigs like this one is doing with you. Letting him review you twice more instead of refunding him first caused you more problems. Deleting the gig won’t do you much good since your overall rating will still be low. You could put your gigs on pause temporarily to keep that buyer from purchasing any more until you hear from CS, but that method and ups and downs.

Honestly, since your account is so new, I would first wait to see if Customer Support will help you and be very, very polite to them. If they decide not to remove the reviews, you could ask them to delete your account and ask them for permission to start a new account. It’s not hard to start over when you aren’t even level 1 yet. Just be sure not to create a new account without permission. It is against the rules to have two or more accounts at the same time.

I’m sorry that happened! Don’t ever do a job without getting the order placed first, that’s a bad sign. I hope it works out for you!

Reply to @danytenerife: If I remove that gig, will it remove my negative rating?

Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: If it’s obvious from your overall rating that you’ve had a negative review at some point, but there’s no gig with that negative review, it might look as if you’re hiding something.

Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: When you deleted your gig, hen the reviews associated to hat were also deleted?

Reply to @lostamasta: I did that but it did not worked for me

Reply to @sincere18: It was my first ever order and I did it for good faith. But what he is doing now is wrong

Reply to @emmaki: I am going to contact customer support. There is no ego involved. It is an unfair review. I posted it to find a way to report it t fiver so that can have a look and take sme wise decision

Reply to @bilalkhaliddar: It was a one-time thing, thank goodness, and I did learn from the experience. My reviews have stayed positive since then since I know it is not easy to leave a trail of unsatisfied buyers behind…I think if you are a Top Rated Seller, you’ve going to deal with the occasional weirdo or disagreeable individual…and you do get to state your side of the story. Easier to be overlooked when you have an overwhelmingly good customer base overall. The gig I deleted at the time had only that 1 negative review so there was no issue in deleting it and going back to square one.

Reply to @genuineguidance: Thnk you. And I have contacted Customer Service Center