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Negative Review

Hello All…

I have one doubt about the reviews… Can we remove negative reviews??


Also if you think it was unfair because of excess demands of the buyer or some threats then you can contact the support with the proof and they may remove it.

Normally you can’t remove if buyer or seller provide feedback for work or any proper reason

or a seller just cons support and says something like “the buyer has agreed to remove the negative feedback”

I have bought loads of gigs and occasionally I leave a negative one. I dont check my dashboard that often but have found at least 4 negative reviews that have been removed without my permission. I find this really poor as i have NEVER agreed to have reviews removed. some buyers know support is stretched and get the negative ones removed.

Don’t they check the inbox in that case? Sounds unbelievable they would remove it based on a seller’s message without checking for proof o.o

Reply to @googlemaster: I have never heard of Customer Support removing a buyer review unless the buyer really did give permission in a way that can be tracked, or unless the review was somehow truly unfair.

It is important to note that there are some legit reasons negative feedback is removed. If the buyer agrees to cancel the order and gets a refund, feedback is removed. If the buyer is abusive to a seller, pressures the seller to do free extras, free modifications or added work - if the situation is out of hand the feedback could be removed. If the buyer doesn’t like the product due to personal taste and then insists on a refund, the seller has the right to complain to CS. Sometimes CS still sides with the buyer but technically speaking, personal taste issues are not a proper cause for cancellation.

In most cases, though, Fiverr does side with the buyer so I can’t say why you might be an exception for some reason.

Reply to @kay2809: Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for your opinion…
In some case we give our 101% to the buyer… But he did not satisfied because his personal taste… But that’s not mean we did not done our job well… A professional
face many problems like this… Good luck…:slight_smile:

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