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Negative review

I got my first negative review i delivered my work he asked for modifications i complied with out asking for extra… well he accepted paid and gave me a horrid review now I’m at a 97% rating ugh is there any way to change this?

The only way is most likely to speak with the buyer. You can either convince your buyer to accept a cancellation/refund, or you can offer to re-do the gig again and make whatever other changes they deem necessary. If your buyer approved the work (and the gig didn’t simply auto-complete due to the 3-day limit) or gave you positive feedback about the work within the gig before leaving the negative review, you could possibly speak to Customer Service about that, but otherwise they won’t remove a review simply for a poor opinion.

Or, you can simply grin and bear it. You have many positive reviews, and I don’t think buyers will avoid somebody with just one negative review. People realize that everyone has a bad day or had that one client that they simply couldn’t work with. However, given the emphasis Fiverr places on rating systems, it’s pretty understandable if you don’t want to go this route.

Just contact with buyer if not happy then do refund. even 1 negative review not good for profile.

I gave him a bad review back as i was not happy i tried to please him…ugh I’m sure he will not want to change his review… plus other people should know about him.

He did not ask to cancel I asked to redo it again for him, But no he just pays me then put up a bad review my first after doing so well… lol can you move up to level two with a 97% rating and 50 orders??

I actually looked at this buyer, and he looks a bit fishy.
He does voice overs too it seems, maybe it’s one of those “give a negative review to a
competitor” types of reviews? Of course there is no proof though.
Plus he is not available for gigs right now. Strange…
Having that said, it seems like you have great reviews, I’m sure that one negative will not
affect your future sales.

Thanks guys, I reached out to him and no reply.
I knew something was off with this guy.
I always give buyers money back if they are not happy.
seems so difficult to maintain a 100% rating.ow well i tried.
Thanks for reading my rant lol (sorry) …:frowning:

zeus777 Thanks your right he is not available for gigs??
ugh people can be so mean…

I looked at his profile and you have the same service. He has more than 1k+ review. Is he trying to take down new comers? fishy.

Not sure why a guy with 4 reviews and doing VOs in GREEK would try to give a negative review to someone doing them in English…

Really sorry to hear it happened to you though, he should have accepted a cancellation at least :confused:

Yeah, maybe he just had a bad day… never mind just have to be more careful i guess
still going for level 2! :slight_smile:

See you in level 2 soon dear…
They can’t deter us.
Shine on!

imagiwildinc… Thank you!

I know how you feel, just move forward and forget about it!

My advice to you, cancel the order and move on.
If you cancel it, both the review and the fund will be remove and you will have your 100% back.
just an advice

I can cancel once the order has gone through?

Hi Just wanted to say the guy got back to me he asked me to do a gig for him (for free) he said he will leave a 5 rating maybe cancel the bad review… I did it no reply yet lol… but i have faith :-/

good is perfect time

"he asked me to do a gig for him (for free) he said he will leave a 5 rating maybe cancel the bad review "

This is blackmail and should be reported to customer support.

@leenasaleem Lol