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Negative Review!

i got my first negative review , after 41 positive reviews.

it changed my rating to 98%.

i didn’t understand , what buyer want. it may be communication problem. i didn’t understand his english. i edited that pic and delivered to him. next thing i know , that he posted negative reviews.

i tried to reach customer service for this reason, they told me to solve this issue with buyer. i tried to contact him 3-4 times. i am not getting any reply. apparently , my country changed from united states to india -_- . i don’t know why.i didn’t use any proxy servers.

really disappointed with customer service. anyone can suggest me , what to do now ?

You are right. There is definitely communication problem. And yes, I also can not understand what your buyer want you to do.

Try to offer your client a refund and request for removal of feedback he/she left. Also, try to explain CS that the instructions were not clear enough. CS can change you country back to US.

At this point there is nothing you can do but move on. In the future make sure to communicate with your buyer more, to make sure you completely understand their needs. I have to agree the buyers instructions were very confusing, but you cannot show his/her username here in the forum. Sorry this happened to you, best of luck for the future :wink:

According To me , fiverr always support the buyer !!

try to explain , each and everything to customer service , i hope they can help you !!

i told him about refund. he didn’t replied.

hoping for the best !!

You should let customer service know that your country changed from United States to India so they can suggest you a solution.

Why would he/she lie :open_mouth:


i took screenshot before 20 days

Good idea.

Customer Support’s Reply -_-


Your country flag updates periodically and we will not be able to offer a technical solution at this time.


Sorry to hear that.

I also don’t understand what the buyer needs, the description is strange and even his negative review is in poor English.

I checked your Gigs. They are amazing. I already collected one. Never mind, this is in the past now. You will have happy buyers.

I suggest that you check out when your buyer is online and send him at that moment a polite message, (a professional message not showing any feelings).

  1. ask him to explain the reason for the rating (there is always a possibility he is right and it would be useful for you to know for the future).

  2. offer a refund but ONLY if the buyer agrees that he will remove the rating and review. (You will then have a screenshot of his agreement)

No need to refund in case they do not remove a bad rating. Because then you $5 will be lost and the rating will remain there intact and the buyer will have your work for free.

If they still don’t respond you can send one more ticket to cs with a screenshot of

  1. your on time delivery and
  2. of your (professional and polite messages to the buyer) saying that although you offer a refund and although you are both online the buyer does not respond. This is considered as bad buyer behavior. The buyer is king but the seller is queen :smiley:
  3. and a screenshot of your previous buyers excellent reviews

So, maybe cs will then help you.

But, the good news is that if you keep getting 5 star reviews after some sales your rating will grow higher.

Important: don’t let this issue take your freshness and happiness to work on Fiverr away :slight_smile:
And never start working if you are not 100% sure that you have understood what the buyer wants. It is better to cancel if they can not communicate.

all the best

thanks for the advice.

i will follow your instructions :slight_smile:

I understand your frustration! I just got my first negative review in 12 months (I had two my first week here and that’s it), and the buyer won’t tell me anything. I have sent a message and offered to redo the job if it fits within what I do, or to give her a refund. It really bothers me, especially when there is no communication from the buyer.

I guess we have to move on, but for those of us who really value our work and always strive to do our best, it is hard not to have other options!

writerlisaz said: I guess we have to move on, but for those of us who really value our work and always strive to do our best, it is hard not to have other options!

:smiley: !!!

Issue Solved !!

Thanks All Of You !!

Thanks @happyspace for the great advice.

Thanks Fiverr Customer Service !!

You should contact with fiverr support , It is very helpfull

Reply to @misscrystal: maybe it changed because she (he?) is in India…

Reply to @fivergraphics5: I’m pretty bad at reading emojis. :slight_smile: Does that mean you agree?

Reply to @emiclarke: I know of a TRS who moved from one country to another temporarily and had this issue due to IP address. Just ask Fiverr CS if they will change it as long as you fax them a copy of your ID/passport showing that you are American. Check your own IP and see if it is a USA IP. If so, tell CS. You may want to re-write your profile so that the information is in standard American English punctuation, grammar and phrasing.

Reply to @writerlisaz: Oui Oui! :smiley: