Negative unfair review from a buyer


Hello all,
i’m new seller here on fiverr , had created my account maybe 1 year ago but started to work on fiverr just 3 months ago ,
i was doing great selling my gigs , received very positive reviews all with 5 stars ,
and some of my buyers bought my gigs again,
i was doing great , i felt that i was on the right track into building my business here on fiverr ,
i was getting my customers from making offers to the buyers in the buyers requests section,
a week ago got order from a client who want to design a simple business card ,
i’v done the job and further more i have designed a new business card concept and he liked it ,
later he asked me to do changes to icons on the card ,and i did it then changes to layout of the text and i did what he want, then he told me to use certain font he gave it to me , and i used it ,
later he messaged me again that he doesn’t like the font despite it is his own font and he told me to use it ,
after 3 days the order automatically marked as completed and he didn’t use a single revision ,(and i already had created the custom offer with unlimited revisions),
after the order marked as complete, he wrote a very negative review and give me 1 star , he claimed that i didn’t deliver him source files ( He is lying ) , He claimed that the design is not what he want ( He is Lying ) he admitted that he liked the design in the conversation between me and him , Also he said in his review that i didn’t do efforts to fix the design ( He is lying ) i have done all the alterations he asked me to do,
i’v asked him to change the review but he didn’t reply ,
i’v contacted customer service and they replied that they have nothing to do,

Now my issue is that i cannot make offers to buyer requests anymore because with this buyer negative review my positive rating dropped from 100 % to 83% and to make custom offers it requires 90% at least,

just simple like that an unfair buyer has put an end to my work flow on fiverr

i apologize for this long thread , but i want to hear from you , What should i do


Leave a reply to that review, you can give your version.
Take your time to find the words…
Good news: you have the “available now” function activated.
It’s in beta and not many sellers have it.
Remove the “unlimited revisions” option; reduce them to a reasonable number.


Thank you for these advises,
i hope that the “available now” option is worth it ,
i have gave this dishonest buyer a negative review ,
But i think that fiverr have to do something , maybe they should not allow reviews after project is marked as completed automatically after 3 days,
or do some efforts and settle the dispute between buyers and sellers by all means such as check conversation between the two parties , instead of just replying with messages mean that they have nothing to do.


Technically, no, did not. You have merely posted a RESPONSE to his negative review. Your response does not show up on his account. It only shows up with the review he left for you.

This would be unfair to buyers. Sellers cannot force buyers to leave the kind of reviews they want. You earned a 1-star review on that order. That review is permanent. The best thing to do now, is move forward, and work to improve your customer relations so that you can earn better reviews from future orders.

It is not Fiverr’s job to police the reviews that are posted on their site. Nor would it be fair for them to step in and control the buyer-seller relations. You are responsible for maintaining strong, positive relations with your buyers that product orders worthy of positive reviews.


i’m not forcing buyers to leave kind of reviews i want , i just want buyers to leave FAIR reviews even if its negative,
in my case the buyer lied in every single word in his review , and the consequence is i can’t do custom offers to buyer requests because with this negative review my positive rate dropped from 100 % to 83% and it requires 90% above ,And thats so common here on fiverr i have read threads from other sellers complaining about receiving undeserved negative reviews from buyers, So the customer service have to do something ,at least not banning me from making custom offers to buyers requests and let the buyers chose if they will accept my offer or no its totally up to them,
i guess you have faced that kind of reviews,And i’m sure lots of these reviews not fair i’v checked your profile ,Doesn’t that disturb you ??,
in your case you have lots of positive reviews will cover these negative ones , but in my case i received it very early i have 5 positive reviews only .


Maybe your buyer thought that a 1-star negative review WAS fair? It was his right to leave that low of a review, if HE felt it was appropriate – which, it would appear that he did.

Maybe now it a good time to start marketing and promoting your gig to the target customers who need your services. After all, this is what every business does – and your gigs are a business. It is unwise to rely upon the Buyer Request section to be your only source of potential orders.

Fiverr does not have to do anything in this regard. As I noted previously, it is not Fiverr’s responsibility to police buyer-seller relations. That is YOUR responsibility, and YOUR responsibility alone. I agree with Customer Service, there is nothing they should do in this matter. You need to work these things out with your customers, and if they choose to leave a negative review, and they don’t want to change that negative review, then so be it. Move on to other orders.

Fiverr has a standard policy that all sellers need to maintain a 90% rating in order to access the Buyer Request section. This applies to everyone equally. Fiverr did not specifically ban you. The system applied the universal policy to you because your total seller rating fell below 90%. Bring your rating back up to 90% with future positive reviews, and you will be able to access the BR section again. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t make this about me. Yes, I have received negative reviews – every good seller has negative reviews. You need to realize that here will always be buyers who are hard to please – this is a fact of any business. Complaining about your bad luck here on the forums will not remove the negative review. Pick yourself up, and move on to the next order.