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Nellymarie please I need help me please

I’m not unable to pay order
But, still charges my banking account

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I need to pay 2 order I can’t
But, still charges my account


You’ll need to give a bit more detail before anyone can help you.

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I need to pay order I can’t process

Are you a buyer or a seller?

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Kindly correct your profile description. Contact CS for the issue you are experiencing related to payments. Do provide screenshots to the CS so they can address it more clearly.


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

If you have a payment problem you need to contact Customer Support.

Here is the link:

I need help me please

are you saying that you ordered a gig but the payment didn’t go through, and you’re still being charged? this has happened before and the way to recieve help is through customer support

when you make an order you will see a page that says “wait a minute” or something like that, did it stay on that page for a long time? that seems to be the cause of the issue

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Yes I’m still change

I need to order please

You have to contact Customer Support. Nobody can help you here. Please stop posting the same thing over and over again.


im used feverr for my personal

Speak in reasonable sentences once and then we’ll help you.

You have the language of a 5-year-old.

Fiverr is from 13.


Nellymarie - go here:

Type in your own language and then paste the result here.

I’m sorry but nothing you have said so far tells me anything at all about what the situation is.

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