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Net Income and Withdrawn are showing more than it actually is

Hey Fiverr Community Members!!

Actually is there any policy changes showing the fiverr revenue in Earnings section because on my account it is showing that my net income is more than it actually is and also that i have withdrawn more than I actually do. It was okay by yesterday but it is showing this now.

Any idea about this!?

Thanks in advance for any help.



I am seeing this too. Definitely it’s a bug. Because the pending clearance doesn’t match with the Net earnings and withdrawn amount. :thinking:

Same here bro, I don’t know what’s going on?

Came into the forum just to look for this question HAHAHA

Same thing is happening with me.

Same with me. My net income is higher than it should be and it says I’ve withdrawn more than I have. However, all the details below are correct, just the total number is off. So confused!

Why can’t a bug increase my “Available for withdrawal” :smirk: hehe… JK

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