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Net Income/Withdrawn Bug

I reported the bug to customer support but I was curious to see if others have ever run across this error?

My net income and withdrawn amounts are staggeringly different from my actual totals/earnings. I have seen this before but a couple of refreshes cleared the bug and my correct totals reappeared. This time however, my totals are not going back to normal. I found my correct totals by exporting my earnings into a CSV to be sure I wasn’t losing my mind.
After some math there was about a 400-500 difference between my actual totals and what was being displayed!
How many others have had this happen?


Hi. I am having the same problem today. My withdrawn amount is showing to be double the amount that I have actually withdrawn. In the transaction history, it shows once but the total amount is double. no matter how much I refresh it’s not correcting. What is this issue??

Yep. Just checked that out by myself and it is bugged - It shows I’ve earned another 2,5k+ of earnings on top of the net income.

I noticed a few days that it also shows xxxx.4999999999…$ (the numbers keep going once there’s no space on the screen).

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Is there any solution to this issue? I am genuinely concerned about my funds. Submitted a ticket but the customer support is always so late in responding.

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Wow, my numbers are way off now too. I can’t even figure out where they are getting these numbers from. This makes me worried when it comes to tax time, because I pull reports from Fiverr to balance my profit and loss.

I am having the same problem. My net income amount is twice as much as my withdrawal amount. I hope CS can fix this issue, especially with so many of us encountering the same problem. I am not trying to get in any money trouble over this mess…

Seems like another bug… I have $1,961 of net income showing in next level requirements and $2,190 of net income showing in analytics. Funniest thing is that none of those numbers are correct lol. Cmon Fiverr, you guys doing all those projects like AND.CO. Why don’t spend some time to develop new website? (or at least minimize bugs) Before all of those bugs gonna hit us in same time.

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I’m having a net income issue too. It’s showing I earned over a thousand more than I have. I added all my years up just to double check, wondering if the system was behind before but, no. It’s showing inaccurate.

same issue over here.