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Network Problem While Withdrawing Money


I am having a problem on withdrawing my money it is giving an error and I want to withdraw my money please fix
this problem it is not sending code and giving error while withdrawing Thank You I will be waiting for your reply.


Are you using VPN or other IP masking techniques? Because it usually happens when using such things…

If not, you could try using another network and/or another computer.

Also, you might want to submit a ticket to Customer Support directly, since Fiverr staff rarely visit the forums.


Fiverr is trying to send an SMS with a code to his phone… it has nothing to do with VPN or IP addresses, he’s probably using a fake phone number or there is no cellphone tower where he live.


There is no problem with my number and I made an account of my friend and he got a message from fiverr but whenever i click at the withdraw option it gives this error


It can cause a problem if users are using VPN to mask their country so the verification code gets sent to a phone in the wrong country, with an incorrect country prefix. :wink:

@muhammadtalha45 - you really need ask CS about this - good luck! :sunny:


Fiverr asks users to enters the phone numbers with the country code, so I doubt that this is the problem.


Why didn’t your friend create his/her own account? Are you going to manage your friend’s account?


It’s a simple thing… All you need to do is contact cs and tell 'em to refresh your account…its happens when u missed the code twice l.e the code was being sent but was entered incorrectly, Whenever you type Incorrect code twice please wait for 24hour before retry… That’s all, vpn was never the problem… don’t know why you all keep prolonging this matter…