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Neutral Asian English Voiceover Services from the land of Crazy Rich Asians

You don’t make commercials. You INSPIRE your target market to TAKE ACTION.

You don’t make e-learning videos. You make subjects INTERESTING.

You don’t make documentaries. You TELL A STORY to get your audience HOOKED and make them THINK ABOUT THE WORLD AROUND THEM.

You don’t make cartoons. You create MEMORABLE CHARACTERS for people to LOVE OR HATE.

You don’t create IVRs, your goal is to leave an AMAZING IMPRESSION FOR ANYONE WHO CALLS IN.

Hi my name is Rick. I provide English voiceover which is a mixed of the classic British Received Pronunciation with a Singaporean twist. This is a very suitable voice if you need to reach out to the Asian Pacific market, or even tell a story from East Asia.

Contact me today and let’s create results!