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Never a project going well

Hi, I am Jef i work individually on some projects i do with friends.
I have a question why every single time we use fiverr we are never getting for what we paid ?
One time the designer totally did something else and say he cannot
An other time they start the project and stop it because they had no time
An other one start and say his computer crash.
And the last one promised me to do the job, and once he start he decide to modify my 3d character.

Is there people with good experiences of Fiverr ?

By the way Fiverr after service is the most invisible after service i have ever deal with.


What kind of sellers are you dealing with? There are good sellers and bad sellers here. Of course the bad sellers are much more numerous. It’s on you to vet them.

Hey ifitsus,
I hope you know about 3D character rendering process. So when you hire a seller then you need more discussion about your project. You know all freelancer is not so enough skill.
I appreciated you. you wasted your time but here is exited the USD return policy. Other freelancing sites never do that.
So we need to sacrifice some time.

Hi, It is hard even after asking portfolio, filter or questioned, to know if the mission will be complete. When someone can’t do something they shall just not do it. Its a cruel waste of time.


Yes maybe we shall know more. But thats also the point of fiver ask for what we cant do.
True time is the key.

Hello @ifitsus, I am sorry to hear about your experiences here. There are some methods you can use that may increase your chance in finding a better candidate for your next project(s):

1.) Do not use the Buyer’s Request
While there are legit new sellers or no-review sellers who are genuinely qualified and charge a low sum of money for their work, a vast majority of them are pretty desperate and would do anything to secure a gig; and desperate people are usually unwise in gauging whether they have the means and time to deliver the project on time. You can browse the listings instead to see if you can find someone with the expertise you need who preferably have several ratings and reviews under their belt - which brings us to the next point.

2.) Do not choose the cheapest service provider(s)
While, again, there are people who will short-sell themselves due to being new, I personally do not trust people who have been around for awhile and still charge $5-10 for their gigs; unless their project has some kind of a limit and they charge $5 for very simple task(s), such as coming up with a concept or consultation fee for the real project itself. Then again, having someone with several 5-star reviews who charge more than $10 is still not a guarantee, which brings us to the last resort.

3.) Hire Pro sellers
If you have done Point 1 and 2 and still not satisfied with the finished products, you might want to consider Pro sellers who are vetted through by the staff and already are professionals in their field before joining Fiverr. They will charge way more than regular sellers, but you will almost always get what you want barring any personal preferences.

Bonus: Manage your expectations
If you do not want to pay the sum requested by Pro sellers and are constantly dismayed with the results you get from cheaper sellers, perhaps it is time to manage your expectations. Be kinder and more understanding if you hire someone who genuinely needs an extension. Do not expect perfect deliveries if you know your deadline is very tight. Consider being very simple, clear, and direct with people who do not speak English fluently, etc. If you manage your expectations well enough, you will not feel very disappointed at the end of the day.

Hope these pointers help.

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