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Never Activate Vacation Mode

Hi Fiverr Sellers,

Today I had experienced that “Activating Vacation Mode” on your profile declines your gig position in search results. I had gone on a vacation from Feb 19 to Mar 30 and I had activated vacation mode so as people visiting my profile sees that I’m on vacation and if they wish to get notified once I return. During this period my gig impressions, clicks, views everything declined rapidly ( Before Impression was 28K and now Impression is 2K). Tremendous decline in the gig position too.

Earlier my gig was appearing on page 2 as per my gig category and now after returning back my gig has moved to page 7. I can see some sellers having not more than 10 reviews are appearing on page 2 and page 3. How is it so? My total ratings for the running gigs are as follows:

(screenshot attached)

5 star reviews - 225
4 star reviews - 6
3 star reviews - NIL
2 star reviews - NIL
1 star reviews - NIL

Anyways, I have learnt a lesson today that never activate “Vacation Mode” on your profile (sellers). I am posting my experience here so that you can also take a lesson from my experience.

Feel free to share your comments with me.



I love vacation mode, and activate it often when I’m busy off-fiverr. It used to be the case that when I returned things would be slow to pick up again but the last 3 times that hasn’t been the case and I’ve been busy straight away. Maybe because you went away for so long there’s an algorithm that decides you may have stopped actively using the platform and it might take a little time for it to work out that isn’t the case. I don’t know, but vacation mode is the only real way to get a vacation with no messages so people should use it if they need to take time off.


I agree, being inactive more than 5 weeks will most likely downgrade your gig’s rank. :grin:

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Vacation mode is great when you need to take some time off.

That’s absolutely normal - did you think your gig is going to stay in the same place?
While others are working, you are resting.
So it’s normal for your gig to go down and other people’s gigs to go up.

It will slowly pick back up.


I have activated vacation mode many times, the gigs always come back to its original position, it is a little slow when you come back from vacation mode initially but within a week it’s back to normal at least in my experience


If you don’t want to activate the Vacation Mode, I can give you a small tip from personal experience.
Modify your Gigs with delivery time longer than the time/days you will be away. Clients will still visit your Gig, because is still online. Just be clear in your profile that you are AWAY, because regular clients could maybe order without reading your Gig again, creating confusion. Just contact them, tell them you’ll be away and (if you have the possibility to bring a laptop with you), tell them you can anyway work on emergencies. Your clients will always appreciate this, because you don’t leave them “on the road” with nothing. On the other hand, being away for so long, may also affect your regular clients, as they may look for other sellers to get their stuff done.

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