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Never again Fiverr

Not sure if anyone else has had the same experiences as me.

Joined fiverr a while ago and recently started getting orders. Every buyer expects to pay next to nothing (which before I even start makes the work tricky).

Buyers ask for say 3 things changed on their website, then they ask for more. I can’t decline completing extra work for them because they dispute the order, I also can’t agree because they aren’t paying any more.

I have tried to get buyers to pay extra for more tasks, some do, some don’t. Regardless I have to complete anyway.

Often the order delivers and they don’t accept, they keep the order in the delivered stage and then they ask me for more out of scope work. I have to complete it otherwise I’ll end up with a bad review and that effects me in the long term.

It’s like being held a prisoner.

I had enough last week when an order that had been accepted, the buyer had agreed the order was complete and then accepted delivery. The earnings were pending clearance, the buyer then asked for additional work to be done that was not paid for in the gig and did not want to pay any more. I had had enough of the buyer and did not reply to his request, 2 days later the earnings for $250 have been taken back by fiverr.

There is 0 protection for sellers on this site and it’s a disgrace. Even after orders are delivered they are not safe. Support have ignored my ticket since I called them out on it. Unlike PayPal (which does things well), Fiverr don’t ask to hear from each party in the matter, they just agree with the buyer automatically.

I will be deleting my Fiverr account as soon as the remaining balance clears. What an absolute joke.


am ready to quit…been here since february and didn’t made any thing…(am a graphic designer )

sad what happen to you though

This is the place for skilled people. Who has the quality, he is doing absolutely fine in Fiverr. Thousand dollars in a month or even more, This is a career also for some people.

So, Don’t be upset. Develop your skill and do quality work. Fiverr will be your turning place.

Fiverr is definitely not for everyone.

Some gigs have a tendency to attract bad clientele. Cheap gigs also attract a mixed crowd.

If you have decided to give up, that’s fine.

If you want to give it another go, then I suggest revisiting your gig, setting better boundaries and also practicing how to say no and how to negotiate during the pre-purchase stage.


I checked one of your gigs and to be honest information on your gigs is very vague. It is very easy to exploit your gigs is people are willing. And you have clearly found those clients who don’t appreciate work they get no matter what happens but always ask for more since there are no clear boundaries for your gigs.

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I develop my talent and am ready to go in after effects… please don’t assume that am not skilled.

To be honest, that isn’t helpful. All this advice applies if a buyer contacts you prior to ordering and/or is not someone ho plans to get you to work FOC from the start.

In any event, it is pretty upsetting that CS can cancel completed work after delivery simply at the behest of buyers. This is especially true these days when many people’s purse strings are tighter and buyers’ remorse is more prevalent across the board.

@jackdellis If you plan to quit anyway, maybe try a different course of action. Raise all your prices to a $50 or $60 minimum. That should deter most people from ordering who plan to try and take advantage of you.

You have great reviews and you sell an in-demand service. However, you are attracting the kind of buyer who wants to pay as little as possible for as much as possible. These people are the absolute worst to work for. More importantly, they are also the kind of people who will eventually see their end project fail, then blame everyone but themselves for things not working out.

Raising prices can result in drastically fewer sales. However, if you plan to throw in the towel anyway, this won’t be a worry.


Well it sounded kind of generic, granted I didn’t think diving into specifics was important when the OP said they’re quitting, but sure I simplified it a lot.

It’s lots of things, pricing is definitely the biggest factor here.

But let me assure you that creating a solid sandbox is helpful even when people don’t contact you prior to ordering.

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Curiously I stopped getting orders without prior contact once I raised my prices. And yesterday, out of the blue, an order with no requirements, no communication from the buyer, no prior contact, etc. Was able to get it canceled through customer support with no hit to the stats, but learned that even high pricing can’t stop people from just starting an order. We should have an option to accept/decline an order available on a per gig basis. It would be better for Fiverr as well, a lot less cancelations, disputes, etc. Granted, the extra hoop makes no sense for quick $5 gigs, but we should have that option above a certain price point.

To be honest, price was set kinda low because it’s always on a case by case basis and everyone kinda provides there list and then I quote them. Sometimes $200-400 for each gig.

I am definitely open to increasing the gig price and perhaps letting people know that I’m also a UK developer which is kinda hard to find on fiverr.

I am still not too satisfied with Fivers policies, other sites also do like a deposit upfront. Not much thought has gone into the processes here I don’t think.

@visualstudios I also had an issue where someone just ordered and then didn’t reply to me, left no details and didn’t reply to messages. I had to cancel the order or leave it just sat in my account. I contacted Fiverr support and they told me that this particular order did effect my delivery rating.

Yes, they told me that as well… but then it got canceled without even appearing on the stats. They are quite inconsistent on how they apply the terms of service, your mileage may vary.

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I got an order to the tune of $3,500 last September, from a client who did not message me prior, only to have it cancelled in January via customer support.

The buyer wasn’t ready to make the video, they purchased it months ahead of schedule whilst working on strategy.


that’s awful. I deleted my account today, yay!

Oh I’m sorry. How frustrating. Did the buyer apologize?

Sometime support help seller. After complete order Some client say cancel the order. That time support help seller which know. Have a previous experience on that.

I really do agree with your statement and I’ve gone through such situations in past.

but his problem is already on a $250 order as he mentioned, so we can’t really rely on the gig price either. of course, increasing prices will reduce such annoying buyers but do not stop at all. In my opinion on such a case Fiverr must review the whole case top to bottom and must act fair for both parties without being biased on anyone.

Imagine after you get your salary and the company you’re working suddenly asks for a refund of the salary. That’s a disgrace and that’s what happened to this guy so I’m not wondering why he’s deleted his account already. :slight_smile:

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Had similar experience on Fiverr. I think fiverr should protect sellers more than they do now. In a situation when the buyer orders by mistake or as to cancel, that shouldn’t affect delivery or order completion ratings.

When I had the issue of the buyer asking for more work after order was completed, the fiverr CS told me not to have ignored the request but offer the new revision for a price (i.e don’t do it for free. if the buyer insists, you an now contact the CS.)

Also sellers, should try optimizing so buyers will know what they are getting and what they are not getting.