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Never Apologize for Your Rates

Hi all! Just chiming in quick with a tip for sellers that I’ve been thinking of for a while. I grew up in a culture that says be modest, apologize for yourself a lot, etc. But that doesn’t work in business!

So many times, when a potential clients messages me asking for a price quote, I want to apologize for my rates–especially if it’s a big quote. My natural tendency is to say “Sorry if that’s too much” or "Is that okay?"

Luckily, I never do that here on fiverr. I mean, we know our prices here are really great, right? So I have learned to quote my price for a project, and instead of defaulting to my usual refrain, I’ll just ask, "Does that work for you?"

And 99% of the time, it does! And I get the order. And my clients are happy. I always feel so delighted getting large orders that pay me well, and I know I can do a good job for my clients so why apologize, right?

Never apologize and don’t compromise on quality. Over deliver but only in terms of service and friendliness. Our prices here are the best and you shouldn’t have to feel bad about it.

It’s true. excellent post

Well said!!!

When I first raised my price 2 years ago I was very worried/nervous, and I had some of my regular customers get upset at me ( one even called me a “sneaky greedy person”) , but I never apologized. In Japan, it’s all about saying “I’m sorry” every 10 seconds, but like writerlisaz said, not here!!! I did say “I hope you understand” a lot though at first.

Now? I give them an honest quote adding "If this sounds reasonable to you, feel fee to place the order anytime :slight_smile: " and once they place the order, I do my best. :smiley:

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So true! In general, prices for professional services are already so deeply discounted on the Fiverr platform that it seems absurd to apologize. Though the vast majority of my clients are fantastic, after a few years on Fiverr and dealing with the whole spectrum of buyers, including those who think that the very reasonable prices on Fiverr are somehow outrageous, I’ve learned to keep this thought in mind: “I shouldn’t have to and am not going to apologize if you’re too cheap to realize that you’re already getting an awesome deal.”

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Reply to @zeus777: I like your reply with “feel free to place the order…” a lot! I also often say “I look forward to your order” and that works really well. Keeping it positive!

Reply to @nickih: Exactly! We provide some awesome deals here!

Reply to @writerlisaz: We should form a Proofreader Union.

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Reply to @mrproofreading: Huzzah!! :))

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Reply to @mrproofreading: Solidarity forever! :slight_smile:

Basically I do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Great post BTW

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I’m learning this. I offer great rates on fiverr, but I need to start comparing it to what my rate will be at a brick and mortar site. I have had 2 clients ask for discounts, which I gave (esp. since I’m trying to get as many clients as possible since I am a newbie). 1 client went with it, and I haven’t heard from the other client. Oh well, you win some and you lose some, but I’m not starving so I won’t take just anything. I actually need to start RAISING my prices soon because I am still providing hours of work to make custom docs and getting paid very little. I am learning the ropes and I will give my customers the best I can no matter what they pay, but once I am fully established as a reputable seller I need to start making what I am worth. I CAN offer huge discounts on Fiverr because there is no overhead when I am in my PJ’s doing work in the middle of the night, but I won’t put in hours of work for an insanely low wage for much longer. Once I feel that I am well established in my niche I will be reevaluating everything.

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Reply to @feltonlegal: Your philosophy is good. It is a good idea to offer a lot for a little at first, until you build up your reputation–just as you’re doing. As long as you can justify that it’s not TOO much, anyway. Then once your ranking is high and you’ve got some repeat business, do raise your prices. That’s what I did, and I was scared as heck to do it but I actually got better quality work, better clients, and fewer orders but just as much or more money that way.

Discounting a bit is different from apologizing, but you don’t want to do it often. When I did raise my prices, I sent private messages to several repeat, excellent clients that I would still honor my first price for them for a time. They all really appreciated that!

This is such an important point in any kind of sales! It’s hard to be confident and assertive, especially when first starting out.

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Thank you @writerlisaz! I am going to follow your advice and email my repeat clients once I decide to up my prices and give them the discounted price for a while. I think they would appreciate that vs. going to my profile and having to pay more.

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