Never applied on any Buyer Requests


I never apply for Buyer Requests because whenever I open my Buyer Requests feed I always found requests like “I need some content to write” (by sellers) or the requests on which I can apply are already applied by so many writers that there is no chance I could get an opportunity so I just close that window and leave my fate on search.

All the buyers I have got till now are from the search itself and some have become my regular ones so yes that’s how it is working till now. It has been 3 months and I have delivered around 22 orders but not even single one from BR. I know if I had applied for BRs from the beginning my sales figure could have been better than this. But its ok I am happy with it.

What do you say? am I wrong?


Obviously you’re not wrong - you’re stating what your opinion is, or the obvious depending on which way you look at it. :wink:


I think using BR section will get you extra sales, no matter how many seller posts on BR section there is still a potential buyer.


Yes, You are right but how has been your experience with BRs so far?


I just don’t go there! :rofl:


Yes :joy:
I try to focus on providing best content to the buyers who find me so that I can get more orders from them.


But I have also mentioned that the requests on which I can apply would be applied by so many writers that there would be no chance of getting an opportunity. How has been your experience with BRs? If I ask as we are from similar field?


And so could have your cancellation rate and useless discussions with folks who want the world for 5 bucks.

It’s just my opinion, but BR is a ghetto were I don’t go out for a walk.


No matter how many writers applied, still try to applied, I applied for a BR over 30 already sent their request but that didn’t stop me and I got an order from BR the following day.


That’s really motivating. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I have been there and learnt a lot from that and also paid a lot. Thanks for your reply will think about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Then just try it. Nothing is holding you back.


Yep and sorry for the wrong reply. :grinning:


No problem. Maybe it works out for you.


Will let you know. :neutral_face:


Some people post text in buyer request option. They’re seller. It’s a very disgusting things to me.


Yes that’s what I was asking :smiley:


What to do? buyers find you better.


Actually they are new and have no idea what to do.