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Never ask for 5 STARS

I m seller and few days ago I just figured it out that asking for “5 STAR” or “positive feedback” falls in the category of INFLUENCING the buyer and this will get the sellers account banned


I know sellers who order you to “Mark the Order as Complete” or “Give me 5 Stars”. This is completely unethical and unprofessional. You may still ask the buyers while making the delivery “Please give us a positive feedback if you really liked what we did for you. It helps us to serve more of you.”


No that’s not allowed. You can’t ask for positive feedback. You can request a review, but can’t say what kind of review.


Why not? You can say:

If all of the requirements were met, and you are happy with the delivery please mark the order as completed. Otherwise, in case you need changes please do not hesitate to request a revision. I would be more than happy to assist you.


Indeed :blush::blush::rofl:


Thanks for letting me know. I am on another marketplace which is extremely small compared to Fiverr and they encourage the sellers to do the same. I think they do it to let the buyers know that “we get sales too.”

Anyways, asking for review doesn’t work. The ones interested in giving a feedback, positive or negative, they do it without caring about what you requested.

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It is unethical indeed :smiley: but if you ask in a way that doesn’t sound like forcing the buyer…


I’m a buyer, and I see Fiverr gradually increasing most areas for properly rewarding sellers with good results. They even introduced tips now!

I’m fully aware some buyers may forget to “close” their orders, and this is rude. But, in this context, pushing for even more rewards may also look too aggressive.


I have only started asking for a review occasionally in the last few months. I see that it is rewarding to not have to wait so long for the funds to clear so although I still dislike doing it, the benefits outweigh the negative feelings I get and probably the buyers get. I try to ask gently.


I did a revision and was going to write, “I hope you can give me 5 stars.”

The minute I wrote “stars” I got this warning.

“Reminder: Asking for a particular rating is against our Terms of Service and may result in your account being restricted.”

So I had to delete what I wrote.

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I don’t think it is very professional to ask for “positive feedback” or a “great review”. I’ve hired a few fellow Fiverrs to help out with Spanish files, etc. Two of them have asked for positive feedback and one of them actually said, “Please leave a five star review”. I didn’t leave a 5 star review because honestly the work didn’t warrant it. Having said that, what I feel is even more unprofessional and perhaps even a bit unethical is people having a “gig extra” for tips or “donations”. I’ve seen some for donations for pet bills, vacation funds, even one for a sweets addiction. In my opinion, that should absolutely not be allowed.


Yeah I never ask for ratings I prefer the buyer to just do his/her thing and once I deliver the order that’s it, it’s done. What the buyer does after that is up to him/her. I consider no rating way better than a 4 star rating or below and certainly asking for a 5 star rating would make me look desperate. Let the quality of your work do the talking.

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Interesting, “please leave a five star review” sounds rude to me. “I hope you can give me 5 stars” is friendlier, and I’m giving a buyer the opportunity to reply if he can’t or won’t or if he needs something else.

Of course, usually I don’t ask for stars. I used to ask for tips, but Fiverr made tipping easier so I don’t ask anymore. In the old days, sometimes sellers created tip gigs for that purpose.

I agree. One buyer gave me 4.5 stars and my overall rating went from 5.0 to 4.9. It took me months to get to 5.0, I used to be a 4.7 before Fiverr created the level system. I was demoted twice. Now I’ve been promoted twice.

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As a seller I never asked any buyer for 5 star rating. I deliver his order with full explanation of attachment. I also include preview copy. At the end I always open my self for revision if something still in his mind and never asked for gig extra. Once the order is completed by buyer side I always get 5 star rating and positive feedback. Even one of my buyer has given me Tip for doing his extra work which he forget to give in order. I think every seller should concentrate on his work to satisfy his buyer. Buyer is bound to give you 5 star rating because at that time they don’t have any option to find any loophole in your work.

Always? Are you telling me 100% of your orders have ratings? Only 60% of my orders have ratings, many buyers forget to rate, a few will demand changes weeks after delivery.

The buyer is not bound to do anything regardless of the quality of your work.

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Thank you for sharing information with us

Can we tell a buyer a 4 Star review is not a good review? Had this guy leave me my first 4 start review of the year and then made a second order so I’d really like to know fi I can tell him a 4 star review is not a good review.

No you can’t tell him that. I would ask why he is placing another order since he only gave you four stars.

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Yeah, thought so. Depending on how this order goes I might have to specifically tell him not to make another order or I’ll cancel it. On that note, do you know something I can say to turn him down gently?

say please do give your feedback

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