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Never been asked for the Fiverr/Payoneer fees; 7 days to wait ¿? ¿?

Hello! I’m a Jew from Ecuador and I wanted to ask something and it is very important. A few hours ago I withdraw some funds from my Fiverr account, and the point is that, according to Fiverr, I can choose between waiting 2 days for those funds to be reflected in my account, or about 2 hours, options which have a price, And that is the problem: at the time of withdrawing, this option did not appear to me, and they notified me that the payment would be processed within 7 days, which disconcerts me since it is assumed that Payoneer and Fiverr have said agreement to choose both options, and nothing. Payoneer notifies me that the transaction is under review, and I fear it will take longer than normal. How can i fix this? I await a response from the community.

Thank you!

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Hello, you will need to contact both fiverr customer support and Payoneer customer support and ask them.

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Hello! Very thank you for answer my inconvenient (I deleted a previous comment because I don’t know if I was replying you or if it was send as a normal comment.) Like I said, I’m a Jew and this is my first time, and it makes me pretty frustrated and sad. I have sent a request to the Support Center but they do not answer, and I am afraid that they won’t answer me. I need to help my family, who is in very bad times, and these problems chokes me with sadness. I don’t know what else to do, they don’t respond…

Withdrawal funds do not takes more than an hour or two, you should contact Payoneer, if fiverr do not answer you.

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