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Never change your headline and tags

recently i have a awesome gig. i make banner and header usually i have a 30 order per month. last month i edit my gig description headline and tag.

story end…

impressions click views are going down :((

all the order are stopped :((

no massages :((

remove my gig in recommendation tab :((

i suggest you never change your headlines and tags i pretty sure it will be harm in your order don’t ask me why it happen :))

i like to know your idea about that


Your gig ranking depends on many factor like title, tags, keyword used.

Keep trying, change tags and keywords and wait for 3-4 days, if nothing happens then change again and repeat this process until buyers roll in. It might help you.

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I didnt know that if you change it will be a problem, so what if when you have started out and you are not getting any sales, dont you have to change until you see what works?

It does happen just the way the op stated.

Try making a video for your gig showcasing some pictures of your banners. Fiverr likes gigs with videos and your update may have kicked fiverr into realize your gig has no video thus your ratings dropped / refreshed.

Good luck!

i add a video but still same no impression previously a have 11k impression now is down 8k

To be honest, impressions don’t really matter. This is only a calculation of how many search results you appear in.

The more important numbers to focus on are clicks (unique) & views (not unique).

You could have 11,000 impressions - 100 clicks - 200 views and 10 orders. This would mean 100 people viewed your gig on an average of twice with a 10% conversion.

Alternatively, you could have 5,000 impressions - 500 clicks - 1000 views and 50 orders. That’s the exact same ratio as above (avg 2x viewed and 10% conversion).

Yes, showing in more results (impressions) does have a factor in getting more clickthroughs from the sheer chance or people looking but ideally you want to focus on increasing the clickthrough percentage, regardless of the impressions.

It’s all about the quality of the impression (i.e. a click), not the quantity.

I change my title all the time. Why? If I drop out of the top 10, change a few keywords in the description and header and I’m back in.

Thanks for your tips @steveeyes and @twistedweb123!

all the friends!.any advice to get more orders like earlier i’m going to delete my gig :-((

I’m curious about these ‘massages’… Did I miss out on this new feature? We are now getting Massages!?? Nice! My neck and back are a bit sore too…

Complete nonsense. I’ve changed my best-seller gig from top to bottom several times since I started it and never had such a problem. If you changed something and lost a bunch of traffic, then it’s because you removed important keywords.

If your new tags and description are not working, go back to the ones that did work.

I changed title but not keywords and dropped too…

I agree if you arbitrarily go in make changes. But if you pay attention to basic SEO principles no problem.

yes next time i pay attention to basic SEO principles thank you :">

Reply to @twistedweb123: great!! advice thank you very much friend

Reply to @gamunu: There are many posts within this forum based on achieving more orders. I recommend looking around.

Reply to @twistedweb123: yes my friend i already see them but problem is not working anything. is that my account problem?

Reply to @julipalmer7: Yes, you do. I got more sales after I changed tags.

Reply to @gamunu: You might find it has somethin to do with that fact 3 of your services are highly unethical. I wouldn’t buy anything from somewhere leaving fake 5 star app reviews or placing fake bids on eBay products.