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Never crawl too cheap but set a standard for a prominent flow on Fiverr


I was flabbergasted when I saw a buyer demanding 10 articles for $5!. I will never go for such a job even if I am new or don’t get sales on Fiverr! You are on Fiverr because you are a professional and you have to act like one. I am a level 2 seller today thanks to the buyer request. I have never written 2 articles for $5. this is one of the reasons why some buyers complain of plagiarized job but I will push the blame on them! how do you expect a newbie to research and write 10 articles for $5 in a space of one day and still expect a perfect job? I strongly believe I am the best on Fiverr when it comes to French articles and translation, all because I maintained a standard. Please share your thoughts on this thanks.


I’m aware some people expect to get anything and everything for $5 here, I mean, this is Fiverr, right? But I believe some buyers put $5 as their budget just to get the lowest rate possible.

I still quote to time-consuming jobs offering as low as $5 but at a higher rate, then it’s up to them if they wanna level and get quality work done at a reasonable price.

So yeah, never sell your precious time and effort out for $5.


I think that it’s great that you choose to sell at a price that makes sense to you and for you. I don’t think that price makes any product the best. Discounts may be used to draw in new business or attract buyers for upsells or many other things. Brick and mortar stores use techniques like that all the time. So, I can’t support the idea that anyone or anything is the best just because of high standards. I think that each seller has to work out what is best for them and be honest about what they sell.


I don’t think so because they say it categorically that " this is my budget and don’t apply if you can’t"


You are very right.

$6 is the lowest I have worked here for an article of around 400 words, otherwise my average selling price is $30 and fortunately I am having enough orders ever since I joined Fiverr in May.

So, yes maintaining good quality of the work along with a great communication with each and every seller can put you at a huge advantage on fiverr, and you should charge accordingly as well.
Otherwise, I have observed some far better writers than me here on fiverr, who are delivering an article of 500 words in $5 and that too by themselves. The strange thing though is that one of them has some 3000 reviews as well, and I saw his post here on this forum where he said he has been working like a dog for a month 20 hours a day, and yet has receiving very little income.


I’d still quote at a reasonable price, that’s the one point no matter how they paint the picture, 10 articles don’t go for $5 ever :slight_smile:


Funny :grinning::grinning: but as I earlier said, maintaining a standard is the best.


I tried to change my method too start from now.
2 year I’ve been working with a very low rate and I think it’s okay for me because I want to build some reputation first.

Now that I think the reputation is start to be growth, I think it is the time to increase my value of service

For any new seller, get yourself off from $5 as fast as you can because I believe every good service comes with a very reasonable price, sometime it is more than $5.

Fiverr is a very big marketplace and it is now turn into a very professional marketplace so we seller need to become professional too and give a big value to our service.

Don’t sell too cheap, sell at the price you feel it will be Worth for you.