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Never Do it on Fiverr!





I was enjoying best here on fiverr; its about 9 months back. unfortunately due to number of projects i wasn’t able to deliver order on time. Monthly tenure was minimum $900 - $1200.
AND shockingly my account was disabled by fiverr… and everything stopped…!!!

Now again started to grow up and i believe will shine again…!!! LOVE FIVERR.

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I’m so confused by this post


why? please ask. i tried to make it simple & clean. but yes please clear your confusion.

  1. You post title is ‘never do it on Fiverr’ but then you don’t mention anything about what shouldn’t be done on Fiverr?
  2. Your post starts with 2 **, then again the confusion thread title, then 2 ** again. Why?
  3. You were enjoying best here. Best what?
  4. Your account was disabled by Fiverr? Why? Because you delivered late?
  5. You claim you love Fiverr despite the aforementioned statements. Por que?
  6. The hashtags and tags of users come out of the blue.

Bonus: your username seems an interesting choice.

Other than that, welcome back!


ohhh many apologies. let me explain it.

  1. never deliver order late on fiverr. always try to deliver before time ends.
  2. actually made it bold to drive towards more attentive & serious thing.
  3. i was enjoying best in designing and earning well here.
  4. yes my account was disabled due to delivering late orders.
  5. because fiverr gave me many experience, learning aspects and earning well.
  6. sorry i didn’t get it well. please explain it.

kind thanks for bonus.
thanks for the wish and many apologies for make unclear and confusing post. actually its my first post here.


Thanks for the explanation! And don’t worry, its a bit late here and I’m working long today so I’m starting to become a bit annoying :slight_smile:


completely understand sir and please forgive me for all mistakes.


How many orders did you deliver late? They closed your account just like that, without a warning or anything, only because of a couple late deliveries?
Did you ask support if you may open a new account, just a few late deliveries if you had no warnings for ToS violations else sound as if they might allow you to start over.


Idk but I found this funny :slight_smile:

Other than that: Welcome back OP