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Never-ending cancellation requests?

I recently made a purchase from a logo artist, but he failed to meet the deadline. As a result, I left a negative review. Ever since then he has sent around 50 cancellation requests, and begging messages for me to remove my negative review, as part of a strategy to keep his hi rank.
Is this how the system is defined? As a war of attrition to see who can last the longest? I’m positive he is going to send ANOTHER cancellation request today or in the next few days, and if I fail to respond in 2 days, the order will be canceled and he will lose the negative review. This makes a mockery of the review system, because it puts a huge burden on buyers ability to leave negative review. There should be a limit of the amount of cancellation requests that can be requested, so they can’t be used as a weapon like I’m having to deal with now.

You should bring this up to Customer Support so they can help you mediate things with the seller.

Is ‘teaching him a lesson’ worth going through all this trouble?
He failed to meet the deadline. Happens to a lot of us. Cancel, get your money back, end the story and move on. There are plenty of A grade logo designers on Fiverr.


Keep turning down the cancellation request… clearly the seller is not going to back down. Waste your time, effort and money for just two lines of negative review that will probably vanish if the seller makes a few more sales.

If you have already left a review then it shouldn’t be possible for your seller to send you cancellation requests for this order as you can only review work once an order has been accepted by you as complete or marked as complete after three days. In this case, do you have another order open with this seller? Or are they just sending you messages?

In either case, I would advise you to say very clearly that you are not removing your review and that you have already informed Fiverr customer support that you are unhappy with this seller for soliciting you in this way.

Even if the order is marked as complete my understanding is that you can still request a cancellation within the clearing period. I understand the buyers frustration. Please try to communicate with your seller first. Tell him to STOP sending you daily requests. If this doesn’t help feel free to reach out to customer support as previously mentioned.