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Never-ending Gig - Buyer threatening me

I have just had my worst Fiverr experience. New buyer ordered a site loading speed improvement gig for one website.
When order started, he demanded work to be done on 6 sites.
I decided to help him since he appeared to be kind and good person doing something for a good cause.

Then he started coming up with new demands, that I have to configure plugins and fix issues, that had nothing to do with my gig. I’ve helped him again, but he demaned even more fixes and additional work.

When I told him I will not do it, he started threatening me over my email (I had to register with my email on his site in order to check if login page is working properly, so he found out my email). He said he will write various comments about me in Fiverr community.

So my advice to everyone, be aware of new users asking for additional work… it might become never-ending gig.

Hard lessons to learn:

  1. Never give your email address to buyers - for the reasons you’ve discovered and because it breaks Fiverr’s ToS.
  2. Don’t offer a money back guarantee - Fiverr’s ToS covers you enough
  3. Don’t be threatened by buyers - report it to CS

Please comminicate with Fiverr regarding this. This is not acceptable behavior by a buyer and it soumds like he is taking advantage of you. Hopefully Fiverr can send him a stern email at least !

Hey there.
I’m sorry to hear this. For now, I think you should complete the order (I’m working in design category, so for completion, I need to upload files, don’t know how this works in other categories), then you will see his review and you should reply to his review with truth about working with him, so other sellers can avoid him. :wink: If he will leave you bad review, or treat you anymore, or blame you on forum, etc., you should report him to CS with evidence immediatly. :wink: And don’t let him treat you anymore.

Well I didn’t give him my email address, but in my line of work, you can’t test if new user registration is working without entering an email.

Is there an option where you can ask Fiverr staff to mediate? That would be great.

Regarding matevzs1 advice, well buyers don’t have reviews on their profiles. Also, I have delivered the gig three times before I decided enough is enough, so I chose this option in Resolution center:
The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order. - > Cancel this order.

Buyers may not have reviews on their profile, but it’s easy to use a certain search engine to find existing reviews they’ve already left. Also, your reply to a negative review will show on your gig page.

You don’t have to setup a new user for Wordpress etc. surely you can use their admin details? If need be, you can explain to a buyer why you can’t use your own email address - Fiverr ToS etc.

I think the best thing you did was to cancel to be honest.

Good luck for your future orders!

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Next time you’ll know that as soon as this happens you must send a polite custom extra for the additional work; it tells the buyer straight away that this is a professional transaction and you are a professional who knows your worth. He may have cancelled at that point but it would have saved you a lot of grief.