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Never Ever offer free sketches

Hi Guys and Girls,

Every week I get a few messages from buyers asking if I could show them a rough sketch as it would help them purchase my services and the answer is always No!

It is important not to work for free, ever! What they are asking is just like going into a restaurant and asking for a small piece of steak saying that if you like it then you would order. That is just stupid.

Trust me, nothing good can come from you working for free. It just sends the message that the buyer can take advantage of you.

Here is a list of reasons why you should decline such a buyer:

  1. They come from an unhealthy work ethic.
  2. If you make the sketch super quick then probabilly it wouldn’t look really good and they would reject it.
  3. If you spend a lot of time working for a “Possible Order” then that is simply not efficient.
  4. If they like the sketch and think your price is too high they might go to another cheaper priced designer and have them recreate it.
  5. If they like the sketch and your price is too low, that is underselling your work.
  6. A buyer who asks for free work in 99% of cases will bargen with you on prices.
  7. Copyright Issues, you have no idea where that sketch, concept, idea came from.

Take care!


It would be better to check buyer’s profile; reviews, joined date etc to check trust level of the buyer.

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I completely agree to it - check the buyer’s profile. I had a situation in my previous office (a different account) where I had to order a logo for a client. The portfolio of the seller looked fine and I ordered it… only to get 2 horrible logos (not even close to the brief given to him - even the colors mentioned wasn’t used), got a couple of revisions and then after a week of to and fro had to accept the offer (it did not go the client as it was really horrible, but I accepted and gave a 3 star for his efforts). But the time spent on it was not worth; fortunately my client was patient enough before I delivered another logo 5 days later.

PS: It’s just my experience… cannot generalize!

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I agree with you to a certain extent. There is opportunity in showing your quality of work to the customer but precautions should be made to ensure that they don’t take you work and pass it to someone else or that they simply steal it.

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Showing samples is much different than creating work for a buyer to accept or deny. Never create work for a buyer as a sample. NO good can come from that. You can use pre-existing samples for that. If that isn’t good enough for them, their either very difficult or a scammer.


Lol very funny :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

hi Stefan, we all deal with the type of clients my suggestion is to show the portfolio and ask them to place the order right away ! You can also charge a smaller fee for the sketch and if the client is no waling to spend his money all you can say is : thank you but thank you

Thanks congruentgraph for giving us a wonderful advise i will surely keep this in my mind while working in future.

Exactly !
I had few clients before who asked for Samples, i denied everytime, but i thought of trying this method once just to see how it will turn out.
I agreed upon providing a sample, but i sent it as a picture taken from a phone camera, just so he don’t take it away for free, and they came up with the excuse ‘you didn’t even see the sample’, though i do think that i indeed Provided a better work compared to the sample.
But then i understood what they wanted, and closed the conversation by saying “Not a Problem, Thank you, Tc”.

The best way to understand a client is to tell them to go through your gig Portfolio, or provide similar samples you already have.
Genuine client will for sure order by looking at your Reviews and Gig portfolio, that is enough to prove your skills.

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