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Never Ever Offer Lower Rates to Inbox Requests!

Hi Fiverr’ss
If you get a request in your inbox for a custom offer. Never ever quote lower than your rates!
No matter how they flatter you.
Unless it’s a two-fer deal or something. And this is particularly VO.
The chances are if you find yourself suddenly writing up a quote with extras chopped off and now your at 50-75 % of your rate.
Your getting a nickle and dime operation who is most likely a middle man or another seller. Not who they claim to be. If people don’t want to pay your prices for your time then don’t devalue yourselves.
Be careful vetting buyers, the chances are a third party who you answered a buyers request to now wants to nickle and dime you for their next project.


Discounts for me are a strict no.

Looking back, I used to sell myself out by offering discounts. In every case, the people not willing to pay your regular rates turn out to be the hardest to please revisionistas.

A bigger problem is that when you agree to work for pennies, regular buyers can come along, place a bulk order, and leave you staying up 24/7 to get things done. This puts the quality of your deliveries at risk. Also, when you take on clients who you offer a discounted rate, they expect this on every subsequent order. Then they turn against you, when you refuse to work for the same rate in future.

The people who ask for samples are also ones to watch. I reluctantly gave out an article sample a week ago. (I never do usually.) Since then, this has been published on a top Australian cryptocurrency blog. When people ask for samples, they either want free work or they want to use your sample as their own to show to their own end clients.

Keep it simple and make everyone pay your regular rate, or throw them to the mek-sellers.


Well said. #FACTS

Holy Moly Just 2 mins after posting this. I had a rude ***** wanting me to voice a fortune 500 named script. For a EU country…said he wanted it “as is” no revisions wants it quick .
I asked as to why he’s in a hurry for a script for such a company…
For internal use :star_struck::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Makes me wonder if they troll here.

I got stung this week . Blocked em, still ordered.
Gonna be a interesteg blind review :thinking::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

I’m tired of it recently

This is not always correct, a buyer gave me an intro to his audio project and ask me to work on it and send as a sample, normally I would not do this but I was less busy.

So I took out time, worked on it properly and sent to him, he loved it and right now he has placed two orders that I have completed and we have more work together …

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Of course there are exeptions.
I’m always googling like a mad man to access their validity. But there is nothing to be gained by discounting from the offset just because they ask.
You can tell by what they are asking you


You did work for free. You won’t get that time back.

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Yes , and the giving should be at the delivery not the purchase. Give them more than they expected. That’s where the magic happens.

You got some smashing gigs there cyaxrex. I used to go to Malta a lot with my parents. Sleeping in the afternoon for no reason always freaked me out

This is why I have a hundred sound cloud and YouTube demo’s , I just foward those. “Take a look at these I’m sure you will find what your looking for here” job done

Just had someone trying to bargain for $1 less. 1. Why is there only a :money_with_wings: emoji actually and not a :clock_with_wings: one too… Don’t those people realize they wile away their lives (and, the bigger problem, others’ too) with totally dispensable and unrewarding stuff like that? I would have liked to quote Shakespeare for an answer, “You do me the most insupportable vexation.”


lol .These people they vex me so…

Yeah, Yeah…the free work got me a regular buyer, so it’s fair enough.

I’m not advising everybody to follow the same approach.

Remember I said I was less busy at the moment. The time would have been wasted either way. :smile:

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