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Never Have I Ever Game 😎 πŸ™„ πŸ›© ⚑ 🎏



Never have I ever ridden in a taxi. :oncoming_taxi: :taxi:


Never have I ever had the need to ever have to get drunk :crazy_face:


I have never flown on the plane :airplane:


Never have I ever been on a cruise.

I’ve seen those huge cruise ships like the Norwegian Jewel at Seattle,
I’m sure it is fun to be on that darn thing!!


Never have I ever touched a dolphin


Never have I ever cheated on someone. :thinking:


Never have I ever slept more than 12 hours in one day. :sleeping:


I liked your comment not because i have did this…:slightly_smiling_face: i liked because … i liked it that you have never …


Never have I ever sang karaoke.:microphone:


Never have I been outside of the Western Hemisphere. (wait is Hawaii in the western hemiphere? Yes it is.)


Never have i ever got a chance to have a pet …:cat2::dog::rabbit2:


Never have I ever been to Europe :earth_americas:


Never have I ever traveled beyond the North American continent. :us: :canada:


I’ve ventured as far as some islands, so I guess that’s beyond the continent.

:bahamas: :haiti: :us_virgin_islands: :st_barthelemy: :puerto_rico: :st_martin:


I have never believed anything anyone has ever told me, or later regretted the fact.


Never have I lain on a beach on the first day of sunning for the summer season without getting a sunburn.


Never have I sunbathed or been on the beach around people who are sunbathing and not felt the need to turn them with a giant spatula.


Never have I passed up ordering escargot when I’ve seen it on a menu.


Never have I ever watched Game of Thrones!