Never Hesitate to Write to the Fiverr Customer Support


Hey all!

Hope you are all doing great.

I just wanted to write about the Fiverr Customer Support. Three days ago, i.e., December 19th, I checked my revenues page and didn’t see revenue for 2 orders there that I completed on about 17th of this month.

I refreshed the page multiple times, logged in and out of Fiverr several times like a mad monkey but it was the same. The total revenue that I thought I was missing equaled $70. $70 is a lot of money in the country I live and I really worked hard for those $70. So, I Googled Fiverr Customer Support and wrote a ticket to them explaining the situation.

While submitting the ticket, I thought they will resolve the issue or give me a reply within 24-48 hours as it was mentioned on the Fiverr Customer Support’s page itself that it will take them 24-48 hours to get back to me. I didn’t care, I just wanted my money.

I don’t remember how much time exactly it took them to get back to me but it was extremely quick, maybe only 5 minutes which I consider an “Instant Reply” compared to the other marketplaces and I don’t know whether I should name the executive here or not. The gentleman who replied was very friendly and gave the exact reply that I needed. He asked me to click on year 2016 on the drop down menu, so I did and it worked like a charm.

I made this post because I regularly see new posts from different buyers and sellers claiming that the Fiverr Customer Support is very lethargic therefore, they didn’t write the problem they are facing to them. It isn’t so, ladies and gentlemen. All the old buyers and sellers will tell you that it’s pretty fast and friendly.

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Nice post. I wish I will also get to write to the Customer Support one day. I think I should write to them why I even didn’t get a single order from anyone even though I am selling top-notch services at the best prices possible. It’s already been 4 months and I all I got was spam messages in my inbox.


You can do it right now, no wishing involved. That said, your message would not be that well received, so I can’t recommend it. As for OP, this is anecdotal. Sure, sometimes you get fast responses, sometimes it takes weeks. You should get a response eventually, but one experience won’t negate the experience of others.

I will applaud this post for the real hidden tip–where those mystery missing revenues have gone!


Thank you for sharing…