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Never in my life


I’ve been on Fiverr for two years and I’ve done lots of business even before Fiverr and outside of Fiverr, while my time here. But I’ve never had as bad of an experience with this one particular seller, as I have anywhere else.

To start out, I want to share my background with Fiverr. I’ve been here for over two years and going on three in January. I’ve completed over 500 orders and earned several dollars. I run several gigs and this one in particular happens to involve my video testimonials gig.

I had a client ask to send product, which is nothing new. So I simply shared my mailing address and I received the product about a week later. Well here is where the first problem encountered. The buyer had stuffed so much product in a mailing envelop and only put a stamp on it. I had to pay $1.20 to even receive the product. I informed the buyer and he said something along the lines of, "okay, whatever."

Okay, here is a rambling but I felt it was necessary to add: I’ve come to the conclusion that about 60% of the buyer community here on Fiverr is just as cheap as they come. They expect $5 to reproduce into a $50 quality type of project. If it’s not to that quality, they have us held hostage via our FIVE STAR RATING SYSTEM. (Which I also cannot stand)

Anyways, I did the video with his product and the stupid things weren’t even compatible with my sunglasses and he failed to mention it was for a specific kind of sunglasses. Well, after three recreations of videos (literally about three hours of time into this $5 (technically $4) order and finally he didn’t reply to the order so it marked it as complete…

Well I was literally on the beach and tanning (yes, surfdude001 actually does live at the beach) and I received one of many notifications via the Fiverr iPhone app and guess who it was. YEP! A three star rating with a crude comment left for all of Fiverr to see.

I’ve tried to message him and explain to him how I will even do a forth attempt at his product using someone else’s sunglasses and he refuses to reply.

I’ve already contacted customer service and I know they’ll come back with the infamous response of, "they have to agree for feedback to be removed."

I understand this is one buyer…but this is just about enough to push me away from this website. I’ve made Fiverr earn SEVERAL hundreds of dollars…


I think in this case, as in many, it’s also a matter of communication. The problem is that the issues you discovered are hard to predict, but once you burn yourself once, you can protect yourself because you can ask beforehand.

“Pay enough postage, I won’t accept it otherwise” is one of them, now. It is a sad thing, but it comes with the territory I’m afraid.

Even so, 3 stars isn’t terrible, and “there’s room for improvement” could’ve been much worse. With all the trouble you described, perhaps a mutual cancellation might’ve been a better thing to do, but that’s hindsight. Instead, you got a lukewarm review - could’ve been a hellfire shower.


1: You had to pay $1.20 to receive the product.

2: You got slapped with "okay, whatever!"

3: You spend three hours working your butt off for $4

4: Your reward: A three star rating with a rude comment. …I’m speechless!

I feel you man, some people are just a**holes.

I hope everything works out for you.


Lol Ang sorry, didn’t saw the ( C ) My bad :smiley:


Thanks everyone for your comments. This order has definitely made me to be even stricter on my buyer, I suppose… It’s really sad that we have to be like this.


I really believe Fiverr will remove it. They have been very fair lately and it’s quite clear here who is in the wrong, however, the buyer will probably leave a bad review time and time again. As someone who has been working here for a long time though, I would highly warn against spending so much time for $4. I personally would have cancelled after the first rejection.


Reply to @alliemadison12: Hey there, I also have been working here for a long time. But I’ve also learned that if you don’t make several efforts to show you really care about getting the client happy, they will happily give you a not-so-great review.


Aww you are doing great - reading your feedbacks it is clear you are a winner. There are always going to be some that one cannot please no matter how hard you work for them. Let it go and move on with your current successes.


Reply to @surfdude001: They can’t leave a review for a cancelled order.


Scotsvoice, I just had a similar experience, guy wanted 720 words (approx 6 minutes)recorded for a fiver plus five dollar tip…gig clearly says five bucks for up to one minute,

He cancelled when I asked for $30

his review says the reason he cancelled was I had failed to deliver on time.


Reply to @sliverfox: I really appreciate that comment! No one truly understands how hard we take bad feedback, than our fellow co-sellers.


Reply to @alliemadison12: Not for a mutually cancelled order. If it was cancelled by forcing the order into late time, automatic negative feedback will be added. CS can also cancel the order, I don’t know what the feedback will be then.


Haha, wow! I was starting to get convinced that Fiverr was actually here to help us, for a sec! I received this response this morning:

Eddie Today at 10:56

Hi there,

We have reviewed your request to remove the feedback placed on this order by your buyer. Unfortunately, your request to remove this rating will not be approved.



Reply to @surfdude001: As long as you believe you have evidence, I’d contact them again and make them tell you why, exactly. This looks like a rushed copy-paste standard answer. Try and get a Human answer including the whys and hows.


Reply to @laughingcrow: Thanks for your response, laughingcow. I’ve been going back and forth with Eddie and he finally told me that I should give the buyer ANOTHER 48 hours (on top of the week that they’ve had) to respond. If they do not respond, then Fiverr will “reconsider my request.” I’ve made it very clear to Fiverr that this entire situation has changed my views and recommendations to offering services on Fiverr.


Reply to @surfdude001: Take heart and don’t be discouraged. I know it seems horrible at this time, but in my time here I’ve met with some wonderful buyers who made me go the extra mile because I know they will come back to me when they need things done.

So I hope you also will be getting a windfall of more charitable and reasonable buyers.


In my opinion, fiverr simply does not do enough to protect its sellers. We are the ones that are earning them money, but it appears that they turn blind eyes to us in situations like these. We sellers get bullied and held hostage, and fiverr doesn’t care so long as they take their dollar at the end of the gig.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love fiverr, but if we even try to warn our fellow sellers about a scam buyer account that has been known to bully people out of more work than a gig includes, we get a slap on the wrist and get told a firm ‘you can’t do this’.

I just think that a slight revision of their ToS wouldn’t hurt in order to protect the sellers more.


Reply to @katecarlile: One thing to keep in mind is that it’s sometimes tricky to pin down the exact relationship that buyers and sellers have with Fiverr. What it comes down to:

  • Fiver only provides an online auction plaza/messaging/order delivery system
  • Buyers get to get their goodies on the cheap for 5$ or multiples thereof
  • Sellers get to earn money with ready-made Gig templates

    The problem is that Fiverr believes that all interactions betweeb buyers and sellers are between the two. They simply don’t want to get involved because that has a lot of legal impilcations. They are not intermediaries, they only supply the platform.

    In exchange, they get 1$ off every transaction made.

    (Technically you could see it as, Gigs are 4$, you pay .50 for the site, and the seller pays .50 for the site, and they subtract the buyer’s fee from the earnings instead of billing you for it)

    Because they don’t get involved, they don’t really offer any special protection. They have moderation and support because they have to, but they’d rather never use it obviously. That’s why they encourage conflicts to be resolved between buyers and sellers.

    Both buyers and sellers can cancel. Buyers can request modifications, but according to ToS not for “taste” or because they “forgot some info”. Problems arise when smart buyers (or sellers) abuse the system’s saftey features, or paypal’s, or payoneer’s.

    The problem isn’t in the protection of buyers and/or sellers, but people taking advantage of loop holes, harassment, extraneous legal options, and so on.

    (Sorry about the wall of text)


I wouldn’t do any gig that involves physical goods. Buyers are hard enough to deal with on this site without having to worry about postal issues.


Reply to @laughingcrow: I agree with Fiverr not necessarily wanting to be involved. I wouldn’t either if I were them. However if they would like us to handle things ourselves perhaps we should have the ability to do so. For instance give us the option to block a bad buyer or any user with a block this user feature. You would click the button and provide a brief description of why, if Fiverr wanted to look into it at some point they could. Also they could provide a “challenge” option. Which is for an order or review that gets out of control and the buyer or seller can challenge the outcome which puts a freeze on the job until it is resolved. I’m sure there are issues with my suggestions, I just threw out some ideas around basic concepts. However I am also a freelancer on PeoplePerHour, Elance and oDesk and on these sites there is much better guidelines in place that 1) makes screwing people over harder in general and 2) provides the necessary tools to protect yourself and your business. I don’t have all the answers but by doing a little bit of basic research and a 24 hour time period I could figure out ways to improve the system, you could too I’m sure. I have no doubt Fiverr could do something to help and it’s worrisome that a copy and pasted message from CS is the best they will offer.