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NEVER inbox buyer after bad reviews, your account will get Warning even you don't do anything wrong

Here is what happens to me recently.

The order completed with good quality, client thank you and gave some compliment.

After that, I got a bad review.
Very surprised, I inbox to ask why

she admits the mistake and promises to change it

1 day later I got an email: “Your account was flagged for feedback manipulation”. Maybe be Fiverr think I manipulate her to change the review.

After that, I have to tell her not to do anything to make thing worst

I think this will happen to many sellers. If the buyers purchase various gigs at the same time, sometimes they will give the review to wrong gigs. Please be aware, guys.

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Anyone who’s been reading at least a little on the forum knows that we can’t even mention reviews, let alone buyers ask about them (or ask them to change them).

Also, it’s stated in the Fiverr’s Terms of Service that sellers are not allowed to message buyers and ask them to change the review.


it’s nothing new… also from the review the buyer clearly says that he was not satisfied with what he received… unfortunately this is your fault , don’t do it again in the future

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Even if the mistake belongs to the buyer? We cannot ask what going on?

very funny. After getting the photos, the buyer said “absolutely fabulous” and then later gave me a bad review? :smile: :smile: :smile:

Unfortunately, no. Customer Support told some sellers that we’re not allowed to make the buyer feel bad about the ratings they gave us, and that it would count as feedback manipulation, too.

You can’t even ask what you could do to make your work better.


@ catwriter: It’s seem like you have many experiences on Fiverr.
Did you ever have a bad review and come back to ask the customer why?

Some 5 years ago, when it was allowed (and when it was possible to change the review).


It doesn’t matter. “Mistake” implies partiality. You aren’t allow to have any partiality in a gig review.

Also, obviously if you asked the seller this, you want a better review. That’s the outcome you want. Don’t act like it was an impartial question. It isn’t. It can’t be. It’s inherently biased and it inherently puts pressure on the buyer. It doesn’t matter if it felt unjust to you – and maybe it was. You don’t get to influence reviews under any circumstances. Period. There are consequences if you do. Period. None of this changes for any reason. Policy isn’t only in effect when you want it to be. It’s always in effect in any circumstance. You don’t get to decide when this policy applies to you. It ALWAYS applies to you – and all of us.

Think what you want, but this IS feedback manipulation. All you had to do was read the rules and it would have been obvious to you that this would get you into trouble.

You said to your buyer “I take a big loss.” How is that not manipulation? The whole reason to say that is to impact the buyer and influence their decisions. Just because you told the buyer not to contact CS, that doesn’t erase the manipulation of your message. You were totally trying to make the buyer feel guilty and remove their actions. Don’t act like you weren’t.


If a real person look at it. It will change.

What does that mean?

If a real person looks at my conversation with the customer, he will know I’m not doing anything wrong. The buyer told me that my work “absolutely fabulous” after seeing the photos and many compliments during the process … Provide the best quality and get a bad review? How can I accept that?

Seriously? I am a “real person” and I am reading exactly what you wrote. I am going by what you yourself shared as evidence. Who is a “real person”? – someone who tells you what you want to read, I guess. I’m telling you the truth and explaining how policy works, therefore I’m a fake person. :rofl::rofl: Okay…

It IS manipulation. It doesn’t matter what she said to you about your work. That doesn’t give you a free pass to try to coerce her into changing her review. This is how policy works. It doesn’t change under certain circumstances or because you felt wronged. You broke the policy and this is the consequence outlined in that policy. Period.

You don’t get a free pass to say, well she said this, therefore I get to try to convince her she was wrong and show her the impact of what she did. Nothing makes that okay because the policy strictly forbids it.


I meant to read all the conversation, I just post a few lines in here…
So all you do is just follow the rules? Even there is a problem with that rule? Haha.

There is no problem with the rule.

It’s a really good thing that sellers aren’t allowed to pressure buyers.

Any responsible, ethical business person will understand this.

All you’re doing is showing people that you put your own personal wishes above the basic ethics of business and the welfare of your sellers. That itself is going to prevent you from getting orders.

Don’t use a policy-based system if you don’t believe in the policy or don’t understand the nature of policy.

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So if you provide good quality and you get a bad review from a buyer’s mistake. You have to accept that. Amusing.

Yes, because as I said about seven times, that’s how policy works. If you don’t like the policy, you don’t use the service. It’s simple.

You don’t get to revoke the policy.


No. If there are problems with the policy, and many people see that’s an actual problem. We need to tell Fiverr that’s a problem, and I’m telling the CS team for this issue. Fiverr need to change that.
Why accept the rule if we don’t do anything wrong?

We not animals in a pit.

You coerced the buyer to try to get him to change his review. Nothing gives you a free pass to do that without penalty. Nothing.

Being penalized for that under a policy you agree to is not tantamount to dehumanization. You aren’t being treated like an animal. Cut the rhetoric.

And just because the buyer said good things privately that doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to review differently, anyway.


@@ I’m told you she did’t mean to write what review. She just made a mistake.