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Never Judge People

I made a mistake of judging someone on this forum - an Indian poster - and realized how completely wrong I was. I deeply regret it, and I apologize to him again. I will never judge people ever again here. Really sorry about that.

That’s so nice of you to come and say that. No you must never judge others. Sometimes it’s hard not to but we don’t know what they may have gone through or be dealing with in their lives. Sometimes they are just lacking in some area which is no fault of their own.

I know this took a lot of courage, and I applaud you for doing something like this. I don’t know a lot of people that would. Way to go buddy.

I agree that speaks character. You are a very nice and kind person!!!

Apologizing is good! The person will definitely appreciate knowing that you didn’t mean it.

You have been one of a few people that I like so far on Fiverr. I mean, I read your posts and comments. You seem like a true good person.