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Never marked complete, auto complete, PAID!?

Since the customer never “marks complete” but it autocompletes in 3 days … Fine… But is it normal to wait extra long to get paid for those? I’ve got my first 3 that I’m waiting on longer than recent completed purchases. Thx!

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The normal period after completion for withdrawal is 14 days. Depending on when completion takes place, it’s 14 - 17 days for funds to clear for withdrawal.

My order was marked as complete 1 week ago.

Now I don’t view any money in my fiverr account… is it normal?


Orders have status’

Go to your Sales area and see…

  • Active (order is in and you’re working on it)

  • Completed (order delivered; A) completed by Buyer. B) Auto complete, up to 3 days)

  • Delivered (order is delivered and Buyer hasn’t picked it up yet)

  • Cancelled (order was cancelled.

    Orders do not get paid until;
  • The order is completed (see above)
  • The 14 day pending period expires

    So completion can take up to 3 days + 14 day pending period = up to 17 days

    Good luck!

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I have an order that was delivered 5 days ago and the auto-complete isn’t working, it’s still showing delivered, but not completed.

Is this an automated process or is there someone manually reviewing the sales order? If it’s automatic I’d say there’s definitely an issue with the system.

Auto complete in 3 days is too short. I(buyer) still have a couples job(more than 3 that value $20 each) that need revision and the seller been slacking because of the order has been auto completed. :-((

I (buyer) just had a gig done, the guy(seller) did half the job and sent it through on late friday . I(buyer) requested reveiw and i will send exact details monday. so he(seller) just resends the same work with no reveiw. monday when i come in it has already autocompleted.
to make this worse,i originally requested the reveiw on the order form, then i didnt realise he had resent it emediatly and I sent him the reveiws requested via the messenger inbox not through the orders form terminal so its completed even though half the work’s not done

Reply to @leighwstock: Anytime a seller sends you a delivery that is not completely done, this is not acceptable. There is a message that shows up on delivery that tells you the gig will be complete in 3 days, so you have to pay attention to that and catch it before the 3 days. (Fiverr sellers can work weekends, so this is not just business days.)

It is up to you as the buyer to request a modification and ask for your entire order if a seller does this. The modification request keeps the order from being auto-completed. If the seller sends you an incomplete delivery again, you can click modification request again.

Even so, contact Customer Support and let them know what happened. It is likely they will cancel the order and send you a refund in Fiverr credit so you can have the work done elsewhere. Good luck!

Reply to @leighwstock: Delivering only half the work is certainly unacceptable, unless you haven’t sent the seller enough information to deliver the whole work.

On the other hand, when you request modification, you’re supposed to immediately send the instructions for modification, too, not to ask the seller to wait for a few days. The clock starts ticking as soon as you place the order or request modification, and doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend. Making the seller wait for instructions after you’ve requested modification means that they could miss the deadline, and that could harm their business here.

Have you tried contacting the seller again and asking to get your work completed? If they’re unresponsive, you can leave them an honest feedback and explain that they only did half the work (if the seller cares about his reputation, he will contact you soon after that, so you can get the whole work done), or you can click on Resolution Center on the order page and request cancellation.

If none of it works, you have 14 days after the order was marked as complete to contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel the order and refund you.

Please tell me there is recourse with the 3-Day auto pay. My seller submitted one of the drafts through the “Notifications” 3 days ago when we have been doing it through messaging. I did not know about this rule and we are in our third and final draft. With the job not complete, can I put the money back in escrow?